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The awesome author Vickie Mckeehan, being interviewed @KevinSwarbrick 'Deliciously Scandalous Blog Tour'

Thank you for dropping by the ' Deliciously Scandalous Blog Tour'. As you will all be aware from reading the last interview with the awesome author, Helle Soa Gade . I wanted to do an interview that puts the authors mind and personality to the test and also to show the reader, how great their creative minds actually are when put on the spot to answer some very tricky questions. Helle I am delighted to say past with flying colours and her answer where great, don't take my word on that and please take a look for yourselves  one great lady and one fantastic interview; 

I wanted these interviews to be very creative and so far so good, It's always great to see what's behind the writers mine, I didn’t want the author holding back thinking ‘Should I write this?’ The whole idea of these interviews is to take the authors mind to a new level  I am delighted to say I have acheived that thank you to the awesome support and awesome answers.

          My second victim is the lovely author, Vickie McKeehan

It really does give me great pleasure to introduce author Vickie McKeehan to you. It really is a great honour to have such a great author on my blogspot. I won't go on anymore, I'm dying to see what Vickie has to say; please can you tell the reader a little about yourself  Vickie.

Lover of coffee, chocolate, French fries and bacon. I think that covers the major food groups. I music and am never without my ear buds. I all things outdoors, even rain because I don’t get to see it all that much. Not too crazy about the Santa Ana winds right now though :)

Cool so far you sound human to me, Vickie and no one likes wind, but it does depend who's doing the blowing at the time. Sorry that's my little crude humour coming into play and I haven't even started the interview yet. I think I best have before I scare you away!  

Sometimes in life we all want more than what we can have, but if you had one wish to have anything or anyone, what would that wish be and why?

This is a trick question, right? Johnny Depp. Have you seen this guy? Because he’s totally hot :)

Johnny Depp? Is that someone famous? His name doesn't ring a bell. I'm only joking of course I know who he is, but he still won't be ringing my bell! I will end this crude talk now. let's keep it respectable ;)!

I would like to ask you to make a short story up using no more than 500 words containing every one of these 14 key words; Killer, River, Speech, Walking, Car, Dog poo, Hair, Sex, Kite, Lamp, Nails, Facebook, Knife, DM!

Kristen hadn’t clocked out of her job at the Lamp & Kite Factory until almost ten-thirty. She’d gotten stuck doing Steve’s job…again. She’d already missed most of the killer party the rest of the staff had been invited to attend. More than likely, her co-workers were, even now, at Kent’s house drinking beer, eating pizza and getting ready to pair up for a wild bout of sweaty sex. Now she’d have to DM her friends to let them know she had no intentions of spending time on her hair and nails just to show up to listen to the boss give some stupid, rah-rah speech about team spirit at work.

Walking across the dimly-lit parking lot, Kristen took out her cell phone to check her emails. Thumbing through her messages, she discovered her lying, cheating ex of a boyfriend Bob had posted to her Facebook timeline yet again for the tenth time that week. She made a mental note to cast him into the river of hell right alongside Angie, the blonde bimbo she’d caught him boffing not two weeks earlier. The weasel had the gall to beg for a second chance. Like that was ever going to happen.

Before reaching her ancient blue Maverick, a car she didn’t even bother locking anymore because the poor thing was older than she was by two decades, she slipped on dog poo on the pavement. Damn it, she thought, what else could go wrong tonight? These were her best Keds.

Running her hand down into her bag, she pulled out the utility knife she carried wherever she went. She used it to scrape off the smelly, sticky mess.

About that time a pickup skidded to a stop behind the Maverick. She recognized the vehicle belonging to the lying, cheating Bob. She watched as the man crawled out of his truck waving a gun. He swaggered around the hood to where she stood.

But before Bob could reach her, before he could utter a single threat, a shadow crossed between them. A powerful arm swooped down from the heavens jerking Bob up and out of his cowboy boots. In an instant Bob became airborne!

Mesmerized by the entire scene, Kristen’s eyes grew big. Her head dropped back on her shoulders as she gazed skyward. She watched in fascination as the alien spacecraft gathered Bob into its belly before closing the bay doors with a clang. Before Kristen could react, the ship lifted and the vessel streaked into the atmosphere. 

Kristen stood there for another minute before glancing over at her pitiful Ford. Inspiration hit. She made her way around to the driver’s side of Bob’s pickup. Sure enough, he’d left the keys in the ignition. She threw her purse on the bench seat, crawled behind the wheel of Bob’s precious Dodge Ram and started up the engine. Kristen adjusted the rearview mirror, smiled then at her reflection and said out loud, “Karma might be a bitch but sometimes her timing is perfect.”

Hehe well done! You sure made that look easy! I love the story and the ending about Karma was just perfect :)

When I first started writing I had a lot of negative people around me, and I know I had to lose that energy in order to continue writing and fulfilling what others thought I couldn’t achieve. Did you ever experience any of this when you first started writing or were you lucky enough to have the right support around you?

There will always be naysayers and negative people who want nothing more than to drag you down to their level. Even in corporate, I saw negativity every single day and had to learn to cope with it. You’ll never fully rid yourself of all the negative energy. It would be great if you could do that but how you handle the negative influence is another matter entirely. You simply can’t let those types of people get to you. Not ever. No one has the right to stomp on someone else’s dream. No one.

I totaly agree with you, if you have dream no one should stand in your way. I will toast to that!

If you had a chance to run any country and make a difference, what county would it be and why?

Oh I’d buy my own island. It would be so incredible I’d probably have to fend off pirates at some point. But I’m an excellent shot. *wink wink*

Sounds great to me, we get pirates everywhere and we always keep fending them off!

What would you say the worse thing a reader has ever said to you and what was your reaction?

*giggles* Someone said my sweet little Promise Cove story was filth. Can you imagine a story about a former soldier suffering from PTSD, a widow left with a pile of bills, an adorable little toddler, and a dog…filth? *giggles again*

It sounds like life to me 'giggles'.

I would like you to vision yourself walking down a busy high street with your partner and suddenly there was a noise that came from his bottom and people turned around looking at you, what would your reaction be and why?

I’d look around and explain, “He isn’t completely potty-trained yet. But we’re getting there.”

Nice answer! 'Strain'... Sorry I hope you didn't hear that!!

Use only two words that would describe you?

Quirky. Funny.

I agree with you there.

Have you ever been…

A, The owner of a lonely heart

B. The owner of a broken heart

C. None of the above

If the answer is c, please can you tell the reader how you have done it, I can see the reader would being interested to know that one, I know I am.

Most definitely the owner of a broken heart. On some days, in some ways, I still am.

Not another broken heart! I am sorry ,Vickie. Please just remember your the owner of you're the owner of own heart, and whoever breaks it, where never worthy of it to begin with.

Its time for a little fun, I would like you to do the rhyme ‘Humpty Dumpty’. Using your own words and without holding back.

Shiny Sparkly sat in her Benz

Shiny Sparkly never saw the zoom lens

She scratched and she picked

She picked and she scratched

And the press caught it all in each snap, snap, snap, snap.  

 'Giggles' Yes you can rhyme! 'Love it'

When you are writing, do you ever think, 'Erm my partner and I did that last night, that has to go into the story as?

Fortunately for me, my partner is also a writer so he knows anything that happens is fair game and might end up in either one of the stories we happen to be working on at any given time. Sometimes I’m even lying there thinking, hmm, how can I describe this? LOL! That’s the toughest thing to do is to come up with new and different ways to phrase a hot scene. I put things in my stories all the time that happen to me personally so why not the best, the hottest stuff, too?

Husband and wife that are both writers... That could get messy. It kind of reminds me of the movie, 'Mr and Mrs Smith', but saying that, some people are lucky enough to meet normal partners and what's a bit of spilt ink between friends ;)
That reminds me of the movie, 'Mr & Mrs Smith, only your both useing words for weapons instead of guns and knifes. We both know that the pen is mightier than the sword!

If you could be a Musical instrument, what would you be and why?
I’d be an acoustical guitar. Because holy crap, I LOVE what Teddy Thompson does with one. When he sings and plays Looking for a Girl the idea of those fingers delicately touching, strumming each of my…strings…the tension. Wait. What was the question again? Because my mind totally wandered.

Ouch!! Yes my mind has gone too Vickie! 'Down boy!' Please lets move on to the next question while your mind is still steaming away ;)!

If you could change one thing about you as a person, what would that one thing be?
I think I’m already changing that one thing. I used to be SO laid back I was pretty much a doormat. Some people took advantage of it. For about the last six / seven months, I’ve had to be MUCH different. Because this self-publishing thing is a business.

I will ditto that. I am lucky I haven't seen this change in you, but saying that we do engage in conversation and we understand the madness behind it all, not just our stories, we both know how tough it is out there, it's a lot of unending hours that people don't see. Itss hard work and I for one take my hat off to all authors out there. 
I know we all remember our first kiss, would you say yours was a good experience or a bad one?  Please explain why.

First kiss like in 2nd grade at the back of the playground when no one was looking or first kiss on a date? Because there’s a huge difference. If you’re asking about the first date kiss, it rocked!! Well the 2nd grade kiss wasn’t that bad either. But the first date guy definitely knew what to do with his mouth. He got major points in the tongue department, too!! And when a guy knows what to do with his hands and it all comes together, it makes for an incredible kiss! Plus, he was an excellent teacher and I was an eager study. Thanks to first date guy, I’ve gotten my fair share of compliments like, “you’re a really good kisser.” :) So if you’re out there Ben, if you’re ever reading this, thank you! Because you totally rocked!!

Lol he sounds a lot like me, not that you would know, but you have read my books, so you know a few ins and outs !  I must say that was nice shout out to, Ben there for rocking Vickie's world. Thumbs up to you Ben or whatever you got up at the time! 'Giggles'.

Do you ever remember a part in your life that’s made a huge impact on you as a person? If so what was it and why?
Hmm, I’d have to say the first time a writing instructor ever told me he saw potential. I’d never had anyone say that before in such an official capacity unless I went back to Mrs. Brown’s 8th grade English class. That one statement, that praise made a huge impact on how I crafted Just Evil.

Its amazing how one statemeant can make a huge impact. I understand completly what you are saying. If it wasn't for the potential in me that got spotted by some amazing people including yourself then I might have given up a long time ago, but a new talent was born instead! Not Louie, he's always been one talented mother f..ker. 'Giggles'

 Who inspired you to write or was it always a dream to be an author?
I always wanted to be a writer. I’d write obituaries. I’d write ad copies. I’d volunteer to write about the blind guy who waited five years to get his seeing-eye dog. I’d start a neighbourhood newsletter. You get the gist. Even if it was crap, even if I had to write it seven times before anyone liked it, I’d keep at it until I made it better :)

I can vision you standing there saying read this or else lol! Saying that if it's out llike this interview then I would have read it, seven times over with a box of tissues handy! 'Giggles' I still want to know what that question was that made me into such a hard man ;)! '

Just one more question and then you can relax :)
Can you tell the reader about your latest work and also tell the reader where they can find you?

My latest book is Lighthouse Reef, fourth book in the Pelican Pointe series where you meet sculptor Logan Donnelly and attorney Kinsey Wyatt. Logan’s come back to a town he hates while Kinsey’s trying to find her way as a brand-new lawyer.
People can find me at


Twitter:  @vickiemckeehan

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Thanks, Kevin for including me!!! What fun I had with the questions!!!  I answered them all without skipping a single one. :) XX  

No thank you Vickie, its been an absolute pleasure having you here on my blog tour, I had a feeling you would answer all the questions. You sure do have a great mind there. Thank you so much for sharing it with us :)  I wish you all the success and happiness life can offer you and don't let any bugger drag you down :)Xx


  1. Thank you, Kevin! You absolutely rock!! HUGS! X❤X❤ I really had fun with the short story. I've always wanted to do an alien abductions. Thanks for giving me the opportunity!

    1. Its a honour to have you here Vickie :)I love the answers and your story, 'Everything' I had a lot of fun sweetie. I'm glad you got your alien abduction as you wanted ;) I love it! You did awesome Vickie, and like Helle, you past this blogspot with flying colours. Thank you for jumping on board and being a good sport :-D!X

  2. Loved the whole interview, Vickie, and your ad lib comments, Kevin. I'm looking forward to writing mine out! Hope I can swear in it??? The story, I mean..

    1. Thanks, Andrew. I had fun with Kevin's questions.

    2. Thank you Vickie and Andrew :) Yes you can swear, but if you do can you please do it with taste ;0) Stop telling me to f..k off Andrew lol. Thats the kind of swearing I'm looking for. I know its bol..cks but still lets keep it all respectable ish!! lol

  3. Totally awesome! Had me blushing a few times; feeling like I was eavesdropping on someone's personal conversation. :-)

    Why would anyone say a story about a soldier with PTSD,be filth? Rediculous.

    Great job, you two.

    1. Thank you, CR!! Sorry about the blushing part. I don't think you were eavesdropping at all. :)

    2. Yippe! Thank you CR :-D! We both appologise for you blushing lol. As for the eavesdropping, I'm delighted that illusion has worked on this tour ;)! I'm with you on that soldier part. Ridiculous!X

  4. Awesome interview, Vickie! Loved the story. Woot woot :-D xx

    1. Thank you, Helle!! Yours was a tough act to follow. I was SO nervous! :)

    2. Thank You Helle :) You both rock and you have both done me very proud with your answers and stories :) Totally awesome the pair of you :-D!Xx

  5. Great interview guys! Love the story and the humpty dumpty rhyme. Shiny Sparkly yay!

    1. Hmmm, I wonder who that Shiny Sparkly person is? ~wink wink~ And you got your comment thing to work. Kewl!!

    2. Thank you Harper Quinn :-D! Vickie rocked, but I knew she would ;) I have no idea who this Shiny Sparkly person is though! Still it was great fun :-D

  6. Great interview, Kevin & Vickie. I loved the original & unique questions and answers. I love the made up story using the key words. You did awesome on that one, Vickie. Such fun. I am still laughing...ha ha ha ha ha

    1. Thanks, Edith!! I had to work my brain to use all the words!! :) Believe it or not it was the rhyming that stumped me the most. I read that question and thought, "oh noes, I really don't do poems well at all." :)

    2. Thank you Edith, I am very delighted with both interviews, both ladies have done me very proud indeed :0) I'm sorry about the rhyming question Vickie... Not ;)!! You did awesome sweetie Xx

    3. Thank you, Kevin. I'm delighted to have been asked. :)

  7. Fantastic interview! :) It made me laugh. My misses has a full size cardboard cut-out of Johnny Depp that she keeps in our bedroom. Enough said! LOL He's one pirate you wouldn't be fending off from your island, Vickie :D

    Great interview, Kevin :)

    1. That is SO true!! I need to get me one of those cardboard cutouts!! Why didn't I think of that before now? LOL!! HUGS to you, Kurt!!

    2. Hey Kurt good to see you here my friend. Thank you :) I'm glad you liked the interview. I must admit Vickie is awesome, I wont get on the topic of pirates though. Cardboard cut outs in the bedroom Lmao! Enough said you're right, 'Giggles':)

  8. Hey, Kevin, you mean you don't have cardboard cutouts in your bedroom? Weird. ~giggles~