Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The lovely author, Carlyle Labuschagne is my eleventh guest @KevinSwarbrick 'Deliciously Scandalous Blog Tour'. Another great interview! Coming soon 12/7/13 :)

Thank you for joining on my 'Deliciously Scandalous Blog Tour'. I will have the lovely author, Carlyle Labuschagne  on my tour this week. This is another great interview not to be missed.'Giggles'. Coming soon 12/7/2013 :)

I would like to take a minute and give you all a little recap on what my tour is about, I know that in  last weeks post I offended certain people. How? I am still not sure on! This was last weeks post My aim is not to offend anyone and when I heard the news I have offended someone, I wasn't happy due to the fact of all the hard work that does go into these post and to tell you the truth I got offended by the comment. My aim on this tour is to have a laugh and be serious at the same time and just be me with my guest. I won't go on to much, but this is the recap what my tour is all about >>>> For every one who has read my post will know I have never interviewed any authors yet, which is crazy considering I know thousands, but for some time now I have been giving it some thought and like my work I wanted these interviews to be different and unique. I want them each to have their own individuality to match the author's personality who do participate. 

I want to do an interview that put the author's mind to the test and also to show the readers how awesome their creative minds really are. 

I want the interview to be funny, sexy and just basically kept real; I don’t want the author holding back thinking, ‘Should I write this?’ The whole idea of these interviews is to take the authors' mind in a whole new direction and learn more about their bubbly personality and how their mind's work, 'with no holding back'.

I have many great awesome authors lined up who are more then wiling to put this challenge and their mind's to the test. I know I can't wait to find out what their answers are going to be... This really is one blogspot not to be missed ;)

Carlyle Labuschagne will be joining me very soon, but be warned it could get messy ;)

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