Sunday, May 5, 2013

A start!: 'Delicously Scandalous Blog Tour' With Author, Hel...

A start!: 'Delicously Scandalous Blog Tour' With Author, Helle Soe Gade :)

Brings to you one awesome blog tour

This is one blog tour that will get you all laughing. The first interview is up with the awesome author Helle Soe Gade. See how, Helle's mind works when answering some very, 'Unusual questions' that haven't been asked before until now!! With great questions and awesome answers, this is one tour well worth checking out :)

My next guest will be the great author Vickie McKeehan, who has been kind enough to take on this next challenge, I am please to say Vickie McKeehan will be appearing on my blogspot, 10/5/2013. Yes that's next friday!! I can't wait to see what she has to say. I wonder if, Vickie could answer all the questions like Helle Soe Gade did? Time will tell this Friday, and I for one can't wait :)

To find out more about Vickie McKeehan, please visit Vickie's website

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