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Inspirational moments, what do you do with yours?

I don't know if you have read my last post, but thanks to the Brooklyn Foundation I was able to turn my last poem into a great rap song. If you haven't heard that song yet, then please do check it out on SoundCloud 

As you know I am all about turning all them negatives in my life into a positive. I have had many ups and downs and not all in the nice way, but its them experience in my life than enabled me to do what I love doing. We all have a story to tell, we all have a song to sing. In my case I went from a guy who had never written anything before and never had time to read due to my hectic lifestyle. My life hasn't been perfect, by far! I have made mistakes and learned from them mistakes, I taught myself the full understanding of life by reaching out to many fantastic people. Louie has Landed 'The Early Days' was a book about passion and love, a story told from the heart the way I was back then, To me this was just a story, my story that I wanted to share, that one story alone changed me in many ways that I would never dream of. 'Kev a writer! Kev, an inspiration to many out there. But like I've said, my life was not easy, and still isn't, but I have found that happy place now. I have moved on from all the things that have happened in my life, but that doesn't mean I won't write about them! There is no law that says you can't write about your experiences for others to relate to. Fortunately, I was able to do that in such a way, I never thought it was possible for a guy like me, all the dramas, all the fake friends, all the lies and deception, all the negatives turned into a positive. The support has been very overwhelming! My writing journey has enabled me to meet many new and wonderful friends that have all been fantastic, and still are. For that I do thank you all.

I don't know if you have read my last post, but thanks to the Brooklyn Foundation I was able to turn my last poem into a great rap song. If you haven't heard that song yet, then please do check it out on SoundCloud:
You can also listen to more of, The Brooklyn Foundation here: you will also find to more mix's of this awesome rap. Created by Alan Burke. This guy rocks and is well worth checking out. 


Can you hear me.

Here are just a few more little poems that I would like to share with you. These won't be rapping songs, but they will be featured in my poetry book, depending how well you like them that is. So please feel free to leave a comment.

The fall as I hit the ground, no one cares with no one around.
When I cry the sounds of a baby, with the screaming in pain that would drive you crazy, not knowing what to do, with no one other than you.
No one is around, but can you hear me?
The times when you’re sad, and in that lonely place, with so many people who are there in your face, but search within as you sleep at night, when there is yet again, no one in sight, the only sounds that you can hear is the echo of that new born tears.

The child within is calling out at you to be strong and give love that will remain so true, live for the future and not in the past, those memories will always be there to last, but with the one question that never seems to pass... Can you hear me?

This poem when I was writing it. I was thinking of all the lost life's. Soldiers who have thought for their country, but was sadly taken away from their love ones. I can understand the pain and devastation a love one can feel. With this poem I tried to put them feelings from a love one into words....

Breaking me

The days when you were there, I never stopped to care. How could you go and leave me this way, it’s no good you looking down as I wanted you to stay.
There is no one about for me any more, you left me alone and my pain is pure.
I remember the days when you made me smile, the days no one was there for you, only me, I’m your family you see. Now please watch down on my life and guide me. Make me feel that love one day the love that you have taken away. I am in a world I can’t understand, my mind doesn’t function, and sometimes I don't understand who I am.
 I loved you and this is breaking me, I gave you my love, my heart the whole me. I wish one day you could understand how much I want to hold your hand, but now there’s no more footprints in the sand, just the memories of a life that was grand.
It’s breaking me, please understand I long for the day I can hold your hand.

                 Down at the Big Temple recording with Alan Burke and Jennie Bonita.


The lyrics to this rap.


(Intro)   Yeah... hahaha 

(Verse 1)
           No, not again, yeah, please leave me alone, always in my face yeah having a moan! You bring people in our relationship and they just can’t leave alone... They do everything in their power to make and break me, sometimes I just don’t want to wake! Dramas, dramas all the time, why can't you see if you left alone we would be fine, instead your hanging out our dirty washing on the line, making your lot wanting me to die, telling lies for your secrets that are true, taking away a child because you both came as a two, all the years that I’ve have known you, do you think this is right, giving me so much drama so you can open your legs to someone guy at night!
All this pain that you have caused with no real reason, just to drop your drawers!

Corus; Dramas all of the time, if you left me alone, It would be just fine, rise for tomorrow and not for the past... It's your future that’s longing to last...
(Verse 2)
You created many lies and lived behind them you see, but now you’re twisting  everything and trying to blame everything on me! You sent my head west with the games that you played, only because you wanted me away and now you think your secrets will still stay at bay... Hoping for the day I won’t kiss and tell, well guess what your  love can rot in hell... Drama after the drama is what you bring, the real reason I never got down on one knee and offered you a ring.  You had my heart, but you always did me wrong, now its time for me to rise and create my own song, I’m not like you and I think for myself, I don’t need any more hands to drag me through hell!

You have caused that much drama that I can never understand, getting your friends and family to lie to you so you can mess around with another man! All this drama that you made for me, plotting and scheming to mess up my life to try destroys me. I’m not like you, and I am me, I rise above all the negativity!!

Corus;  Dramas all of the time, if you left me alone I would be just fine, rise for tomorrow and not for the past as its your future that’s longing to last...
 Yeah, yeah... Respect...Hahaha...      Yeah, yeah it’s the truth that I respect, not playing with my minds whilst he’s getting you wet! How many times can you hit me and say its love, how much drama can one person cause with all that negativity energy above, you don’t deserve someone like me, I should have known back then when you was always acting free, playing around with guys in your town, but yet there’s no circus and you’re such a clown! 
You have broken what could have been, I hope you’re happy with your lies as Karma is not a dream. The child will grow and the secret will be out, when that time comes you will feel your heart melt, like mine once did with the hurt that you made, you will then see that drama isn't a game...

Corus;  Dramas all of the time,  if you left me alone I would be just fine, rise for tomorrow and not for the past, it's your future that’s longing to last...
(Verse) Hahaha...   Now I know the truth of what a snake you are, all I can say is I will meet this new guy at the bar, not for a fight, you see, I want to buy him beer in fact I might buy him three, I will buy him the bar! He will need it you see, a leopard doesn't change its spots, you never did with me. I’m not even bothered now as I am free, free from all the lies and free from the negativity, I’m going to bed now with my new woman, yes she’s a million of what you will ever be. You did me a favour for that I thank you, but I can’t wait for the day when 5o shades of Karma comes back around and spanks you... B.tch.... ‘Eco’

Part (Corus) Drama Dramas...

My moral of all my stories is to never give up on what you believe in, I know I am exploring all my talents and trying to put each one to them to the test. No matter what all these talents lead me back to my writing, a gift that I now know the true value of, an art that is used in all great ways, some might say it's finding myself, and they would be right, but no matter what on this journey, one thing I won't do is lose myself or let alone lose my faith. It's your fantastic support that's making this journey reality. Once again, I thank you all :)

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