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Deliciously Scandalous Blog Tour Big Giveaway! Is now happening! Red Alert NC-17

                             Red Alert! No Children - 17!

                                How my journey all began

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                               But Louie kept on growing!

          He grew so big and strong, giving out a lot passion!

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That passion grew to be one, 'Deliciously Scandalous Story' that then developed into one, 'Deliciously Scandalous Blog Tour' as well as a fantastic story!

Then this tour grew even bigger! Only this time, this tour has just got as scandalous as ever! Louie is now in his own hot seat!!

From this point forward this interview is out of my hands, remember NC -17. The idea about these interviews is to have some great fun and to let it all hang out... Let's see what I can do with these lovely ladies ;)!!

Welcome to Kevin Swarbrick’s‘Deliciously Scandalous Blog Tour’ where you’re sure to get some laughs, and quite possibly, learn some salcious details from today’s victim. No, really! Kevin will not be your host for today’s scandal-worthy post; he will be on the hot seat … he is the victim!!!

Yes, that’s right folks, as two of his previous questionnaire victims, Dawn Torrens and I decided to turn the tables on our friend, Kevin, and manipulated him (and no there were no blindfolds, or whips and chains involved) into answering the same questions we were subjected to. What? You have no idea what those questions were? Well, worry not; you can stop by and see them for yourself. You will find Dawn Torrens’ previous post here:
And here is mine; guest number fifteen for the Scandalous Tour:

Now that you’ve had a chance to check out the questions, read the rhymes we had to make up using a well-known nursery rhyme, and of course, the short stories we had to create using words Kevin picked out for us; you can understand why we just had to get even. Oh, and yes; we chose our own words for the story. Knowing Kevin, he already had salcious tales using his own words. So without further ado, shall we go find Kevin?
Where is the bugger?
He was here, I swear; where has he run off to?
Oh, there he is … Kevin!!!! Put your tongue back in your mouth, and drop that Maxiim Magazine. That cover model is a senator’s daughter. Sheesh, men.
Now, sit yourself down and be a good boy. You promised Dawn, and I that you would behave. For those of you that have not been introduced to Kevin Swarbrick, the creator of this ‘Deliciously Scandalous Blog Tour’, let him take a moment to give you his bio. Now, Kevin, I know there is a lot of interesting stories from your past that you could share, but try to keep the bio short and sweet, will you. The readers are waiting to see you respond to the questions Dawn and I are presenting. Here’s Kevin in his own words:

Now this feels a little weird talking about me when all the information is on my blog and it is my tour. LOL
Ok, I will give it a try. My name is Kevin and I was your host with the most, well until CR and Dawn, caught up with me! It seems we have a tag team in my virtual office this week, but instead of me being the host, I have been fired, and it’s now my turn to answer my own trick questions, payback some would call it! Payback for what? Making people smile! Ok sue me...‘Giggles’Really though I was born in Salford, England, I was such a small baby when I was born; my first year was spent in a match box! No not the small match boxes silly! The larger ones, you know the one’s they used years ago to light the cooker or fire with. I'm not sure if electricity was around in those days, I can only remember bits from that age! My school days weren't the best and my family life wasn't the best either. It seemed at the time, I was in my own little grey circle, with only a handful of friends around me. I was the one back then, trying to fit in with all the other kids rather than be bullied! My mother wasn’t around and walked out on me and my sister, leaving us with my dad at home. I was turning eleven years old at the time and my sister was a couple of years older. Things changed a lot in my early teens when my dad got remarried and I went to live with my grandparents. Long story! No change there then, I hear you say! ‘Giggles’
Anyway, to cut a long story short, very short, you can always read my blog. LOL
Well thank you, Kevin, for keeping it clean. I was afraid you might throw in some of your exploits early on.

Okay, so on with the questions. But let us give you, the reader, a fair warning; we can’t protect you from this point forward. Kevin and his main character, Louie, have led a VERY interesting life, so his answers are sure to have some salacious and scandalous tidbits of information. Proceed with caution…
1) Sometimes in life we all want more than what we can have, but if you had one wish to have anything or anyone, what would that wish be and why?

What can I say? Louie and I have had plenty of ups and downs that’s for sure, but now it is the time to focus on that big vision that Louie has started! Saying that, Louie never starts anything without finishing, Giggles’. You both look a little nervous! Relax I'm just playing... OMG I can see everything is coming out wrong in this interview or taken the wrong way! Oh well I guess we can all sit back and relax and just enjoy the ride. ‘If only dreams could come true!’ As for the question that I’ve just dragged on, it would have to be, to hang my decorating tools up and write full time. One wish! I don’t think that’s too much to ask for is it? If I ask for my other wish right now, then I know I would just get a slap off both of you. ‘Giggles’

CR HIATT: I think that is an awesome wish to want, hope for, strive for, and achieve. If writing full time is your dream, I believe you will achieve it. As to the other thought you were thinking; maybe Dawn and I will slap you just for thinking it. LOL
D.G. Torrens: Kevin that is an amazing wish, to do your dream job full-time! Writing is my dream job too. Cathy,the thing is, I think Kevin just may enjoy being slapped a little too much lol...
CR HIATTYa know, Dawn, you are so right.
We would like you to make a short story up using no more than 400 words containing every one of these 14 key words; Shagged or Bonked! Hanky Panky, Horse Manure, Bollocks, Fertilizer, Baby, Sex, Dad, Chuffed, Bicycle, Sissy, Cricket, Puppy, Crocodile.
Wow ok!! There are more than 14 words there! This is so not fare; my story is going to be shit going off those words! I can see you ladies do want sweet revenge for your awesome interviews on my tour! I will do my best to make you all smile, even if I have crap materials to work with, ‘Giggles’

CR HIATTNC-17 ALERT! For those of you with impressionable eyes, proceed with the necessary caution when reading Kevin’s story. Ah yes, our lad has quite the imagination, and loves to fantasize, which means an alert is necessary for those of you (us) with pure minds. Who knew that the words we conjured up for our sweet revenge would only give him ammunition to make Dawn and I blush after reading the very first sentence. Kevin, Kevin, Kevin...
D.G. Torrens: Oh yes folks, Kevin had us both blushing here! Read to see what happened when we challenged Kevin to write a story using our key words! It's nothing short of scandalous... Well surely you expected nothing less!

I woke up at 9.20am after a wild night of hanky panky and a few drinks with the neighbours wife, she was older than me, but the way she sucked on them bollocks was fantastic, the sex was amazing, she said I was hung like a donkey, after that I was like a love sick puppy. I was so chuffed that I shagged her again all night long, with a remark like that who wouldn't? I had her screaming like a baby, I kept telling her to keep the noise down.
The bedroom window was open and all I could smell in the air was fertilizer, one thing I don’t like is the smell of horse manure. I had to close the window. I got out of bed with Louie stood to attention and went to close the window. Just then my mobile rang, I thought it might have been my lady friend, I ran over to my jeans that were lying all messed up next to the bed, I searched inside the pockets to find my mobile, and then answered it, “Hello” “Hi, do you fancy playing a game of cricket today?” “Erm, since when have I played cricket?” “Since your team won the game last week!” “Have you been drinking dad?” “Oh sorry Mark, I've phoned the wrong Mark!”When he told me, I had crocodile tears running down my face with laughter. I said my goodbyes and noticed the neighbour’s husband returning home from work. The thought of him all over her wasn't nice!
I was off work that day, so I decided to turn on the television to watch Jeremy Kyle on ITV, only to take my mind away from my dramas of life! There was this guy on there that wouldn't shut up about a bicycle; all he could do was call this girl’s boyfriend a sissy for not riding it, pointless drama I would say! I decided to text the neighbour’s wife to see when the next bonk session would be, but don’t get me wrong, I never knew she was married until after my feelings ran deep inside her! ‘God love Louie!’...
That was easy ladies, next time please do give me harder words to play with! ‘Giggles’

D.G. Torrens: Nothing short of scandalous Mr. Swarbrick lol...
When I first started writing I had a lot of negative people around me, I know I had to lose that energy in order to continue writing and fulfilling what others thought I couldn't do. Did you ever experience any of this when you first started writing or were you lucky enough to have the right support around you?

I had so much negativity; it was unreal at the time. I thought the people around me, family and friends thought I was losing the plot! ‘Kevin writing books, what’s next? World peace?’ I had too much going on in my life to even bother with what others thought. This is my journey in life that has led me this far, there was no way on earth I would stop writing for anyone. A passion and a new talent has been discoveredI'm going to push that skill in the direction I would like my life to go, and no one was going or is going to hold me back or stand in my way! It all seemed crazy to them, for a guy like me, who was never a reader or a writer, to actually land on this path that I’m on. It seemed crazy to a lot of people. I had many fall outs along the way; people I thought were friends, turned out to be, let’s just say, not very nice people. You’re going to get that no matter where you are. When your friends are not happy for you, and are no support whatsoever, other than drama! I am sorry, but that kind of negative bullshit can walk out of my life. I don’t want it and I don’t need it, it’s really not for me, I have far too much of that already thank you!
Don’t get me wrong, you will notice a change when you have proven a point; three novels later, radio shows, Pod cast interviews, interviews on author’s blogs, and websites, and video interviews on Youtube, not to mention this tour! I really think I have proven a point that I will not stop my writing. ‘ I won't say can’t, the words are can and will!’ ‘Smiles’

CR HIATT: I know this a Deliciously Scandalous Tour, but let me be serious for one minute: I am so sorry that you had so much negativity around you. No one should ever try and stop someone from living their dreams and trying to achieve their goals. To do soonly means they are trying to sabotage in order to keep you feeling inferior, which is actually what they are feeling about themselves. I am glad you rose above it, and them. CR HIATT is glad to have met you.

D.G. Torrens: Kevin, you are for real and that's a fact. You have risen in the face of adversity and shown all those who doubted you and held you back that you are on your way to great things. I am a believer of, "I can" "I will" and I totally dismiss the word "can't" so we have that in common too my friend. You have shown that no matter what obstacles are placed in your path that you WILL climb them no matter how tough they are!! The best way to revenge those doubters is to keep doing what you are doing, live your life well, succeed and do well!!!

If you had a chance to run any country and make a difference, what country would it be and why?

It would have to be this country; the way things are run is shocking! The amount of money that is spent on nonsense, then getting the tax payer to pay for their nonsense is not on at all! We have schools closing down, hospitals closing, prisons over filled, people on the streets, petrol prices through the roof, even though the price has gone down by 3p a litre, but we all know in this country, they will give with one hand, but it’s taken back with the other! It is sad the way the country is going, but can we see a change? That’s the big question on all our minds. As for this bedroom tax! (Benefit reduction for those who don’t work and don’t contribute to society) Fare enough if it worked out that way, but it hasn't, instead it is making many thousands of people lose their homes because they can’t afford the tax every week for the extra rooms they have. These people have been living in their homes for years, and then they have to move out because of some tax that will line the fat cats’pockets! I wouldn’t mind, but there are many houses now left empty because people can’t afford to live in them! We do need a government that knows what they are doing, and who are always trying to give back to the people, rather than watching the sick get sicker and the poor get poorer, and the elderly just die... Damn move me on to the next question ladies, I was in such a fun mood before you asked me that, well until I asked myself that, ‘Not a happy face’

CR HIATT: Wow, I have never heard of the“bedroom tax”. Maybe after you’ve accomplished what you want with your writing, you can move onto politics?
On a funny note: I thought when you said “bedroom tax”, it was going to mean something else altogether. Now whose mind is in the gutter?
D.G. Torrens: The new bedroom tax for council house tenants is ludicrous and whoever thought up that ridiculous idea needs a thrashing! Cathy, I can totally see why you thought the bedroom tax meant something else lol! Especially when it comes from Kevin's lips...
CR HIATT: I know, huh! LOL
What would you say the worst thing a reader has ever said to you and what was your reaction?

What are you trying to say? No wait, don’t answer that, really though there’s been a few things in the past that did get to me; one is when people just judge you by grammar mistakes. These people have no idea of your background or your life or even how hard you are pushing yourself. Perhaps if they did, they would read my work, and understand that I'm all about improving; making what seemed impossible to me, possible. I don’t have this posh fancy life that everyone thinks you have as a writer, it comes with a lot of hard work and determination, boy I am still aiming!
I have been to the bottom many times in my life, to the point where you have almost lost everything, even the will to live at times! Once you have hit that type of rock bottoms, and you have people judging you, it did cheese me off at the time to be honest, but as time moved on, I moved on with it. The negativity did get brushed to one side, I had my own dramas in life going on, than to get involved with others that didn’t give a damn about you to start with. You learn to realise that you are going to get people that can’t stand what you’re doing, they will never be happy for you, well not until the day they see you have done what you set out to do... ‘Too little too late, thanks for the support and all that!’ Saying that though, even when that day does come, you’re still going to get that negative energy that wants to watch you fail, but when you have fallen that many times in life and gotten back up again, it really doesn’t bother me whatsoever what other people think. They can keep watching and judging.

CR HIATT: I think when we all try something new, writing and publishing in the indie world, especially, we make mistakes. I don’t know of any writer, indie or traditional, who published an error-free book. I have seen Harvard educated writers who had big bucks behind them, and they still had errors. If we make a mistake, own it, correct it, and say it was“my bad”, and try not to repeat it; most readers are a forgiving group. Writers are similar to actors in one respect; we have to have a thick skin to let the critics’ words and insults flow off our backs.
Good for you for getting to the point where others’ opinions won’t impact what you do. Live your dreams!
D.G. Torrens: Kevin I totally agree with Cathy, there is not an author alive who has produced an error-free book. Just the other day I was reading a James Patterson book and you know how famous he is, well, I came across three errors in his book. I thought to myself not even the traditionally famous published authors who have the best team possible behind them are free from mistakes. We writers have to have such thick skin at times and readers often forget that there are real people behind those books they arecriticising. We just have to move onward and upward :)
I would like you to vision yourself walking down a busy high street with your partner and suddenly there was a noise that came from her bottom and people turned around looking at you, what would your reaction be and why?
I might say, ‘Darling you could have saved that until we were home, you know doing that always grabs my attention to that perfect peach of yours’ Ok maybe not! ‘Giggles’ I would have just laughed, and said something like, ‘Babe did you blow all your other exes out like that!’ That really stinks! ‘Giggles’
CR HIATT: I don’ even know what to say to that. I’m a lady.
D.G. Torrens: I am actually picking myself off the floor right now through laughing! No comment :)
7. Use only two words that would describe you.
Funny, passionate.
CR HIATT: I can tell you like to be funny from reading your answers and story above.
D.G. Torrens: Very funny for sure and your passion comes through your writing :)
8. Have you ever been...
A. The owner of a lonely heart.
B. The owner of a broken heart.
C. None of the above.
If the answer is C, please can you tell the reader how you have done it; I can see the reader would be interested to know that one. I know, I am.
A and B. I have had my heart ripped out and then chucked against a wall, spat on and then trampled on with high heels before it getting shot by a double barrow shot gun and to get up again only to be hit by a steamroller! Well it felt like that at the time. It’s the worse pain you can feel, losing the one you love sure did hurt. You women can be so mean at times. Not all women of course, ‘Giggles’
CR HIATT: Hey, what about you men?
D.G. Torrens: Not all women!
It's time for a little fun, I would like you to do the rhyme, ‘How much is that doggy in the window?’ Using your own words and without holding back.
CR HIATT: Hey, that wasn’t the rhyme Dawn and I gave you. I guess you wanted to give the reader something salacious again, didn’t you?
I once had an itch on my ding dong,‘Mmm Mmm’ the one that looked like a tail, ‘Mmm Mmm’ My itch suddenly got very long, ‘Mmm Mmm’ and someone asked if that itch was for sale? ‘Giggles!’
CR HIATT: Yes, you definitely wanted salacious. It’s scandalous, Kevin!
D.G. Torrens: salacious indeed lol! Again I am at a loss for words :)
When you are writing, do you ever think, 'Erm me and my partner did that last night; that has to go into the story as?
Lmao! I can’t believe I asked you all this question, but my answer is a big Louie yes, ‘Giggles’
CR HIATT: You just wanted to know something intimate about us.
D.G. Torrens: Now you know how we felt lol!
11. If you could be a Musical instrument, what would you be and why?
CR HIATT: Oh my, another NC-17 alert…
D.G. Torrens: I concur
I would say a flute. The thought of being blown all day long with a soft touch, sounds like sweet music to me... Ladies please don’t just sit there with you mouths wide open, can I have the next question please? ‘Giggles’
CR HIATT: Blushing.
D.G. Torrens: I have actually turned my chair to face the other way lol... :)

If you could change one thing about you as a person, what would that one thing be?
Just one thing? Only one? Damn... I would like to trust more!

CR HIATT: I think a good majority of people struggle with that one.
D.G Torrens: Yes, a lot of people for sure.

I know we all remember our first kiss, would you say yours was a good experience or a bad one? Please explain why.

My first kiss was when I was about 8 or 9, it was in a tree house in the pub beer garden, with a girl named Pamela. My family would go to this pub regularly on a Sunday. Pamela and I became friends, and we were sitting in the tree house when we both leaned forward and kissed, well that is if you call it a kiss, but it was our first attempt. After that I thought kissing was so overrated, but that was back then. Now I have grown very fond of those kisses , ‘Hint Hint!’ Ok I see I won’t be getting any in this interview! Still God loves a trier, ‘Giggles’

CR HIATT: I was just wondering how a tree house was in a pub.
D.G. Torrens: God loves a trier for sure Kevin 10/10 for trying :)

Do you ever remember a part in your life that’s made a huge impact on you as a person. If so would you like to share that part with the reader?
There are so many parts; I really wouldn’t know where to start. There have been so many chapters in my life, ranging from childhood until now. The reason I write my stories, but I would have to say losing a person in your life that meant the world to you. This can range from losing a loved one or a family member who you were very close to . No matter what falls I have had in life, I have always been strong enough to build myself back up again and survive what life chucks at me, but when I lost my granddad , my nana was devastated as you can imagine, we all were. But to see my nana hurting so much, all I wanted to do was be there as much as I could for her. Anyone who answered A and B to the lonely hearts question will know exactly the pain my nana was going through. They have been together since their teens. My nana had never felt that pain of losing a partner before, and that part of her life, could have broken her. My granddad was in a care home for a year with alzheimer’s and dementia before he left us, 12/01/2009. I was there most days after work to make sure my nana was coping the best she could; I had already lost my granddad and I couldn’t imagine losing my rock in life as well! My dad and family who lived nearby did all stick together and attend to my nanas every need, which we do to this day Sorry I am missing my point to my own question here, basically you realise how precious life is when someone close has gone and you also realise that life is far too short. That was one huge impact in my life amongst many others.
I am on this path now trying to do something I was born to do, and that’s to write, I just never knew this at the time, but that huge impact is in my books! I want my granddad to be looking down and to be proud of me, and the good thing is in my heart, I know he is.

CR HIATT: My grandmother was very important to me, for some very similar reasons as yours. I am glad you still have her. Cherish her for as long as you can.

D.G. Torrens: I have found my grandparents just 4 years ago, now reunited they are having a huge impact on my present life. I found them just in time they keep telling me as they are both in their late 80' now. I visit them in Lancashire whenever possible :)

Who inspired you to write or was it always a dream to be an author?

I would have to say life itself lead me to my main character in my stories who put me on the right path and did inspire me to write. ‘Boy what a story’ when that part of my fairy tale was over, I made a promise to always write. I had to still keep that promise, and I had to tell this story where it was all very raw. I had to express every emotion I was feeling at the time, and all that went into my writing. People say to me at times, ‘Do you not hate the main character of my book for the deception and did she really love me?’ I could never hate anyone, and I believe that she did, this was a woman who had my heart and found this talent in me among other things, Giggles’. But really we all do move on and time is a healer, but we all do cherish them special movements, the good and the bad. If you read my story, maybe you will have a clearer understanding... Sorry I am doing it again and dragging it out! The question I mean... Where was I? Yes, also I had close friends who inspired me once they could see the passion and the talent that was there to hold a great story together. They thought it was amazing. I still to this day have their awesome friendship and support along with you two lovely ladies.

CR HIATT: It is awesome that you have a group of supportive friends. When you have support, you cannot fail. Keep going forward, Kevin, and live your dreams.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this scandalous tour.

D.G. Torrens: Having that all important support around you is so vital. You just have to give the ones who don't support you a wide birth. It has been such fun and a great pleasure to be apart of this scandalous tour :)

Can you tell the reader about your latest work and also tell the reader where they can find you.

There are three unfinished stories that I will be getting back to as soon as possible. There are two non-fictions, and one fiction. I am not going to say too much about them, only that the reader will get a surprise in the way I can tell a story from all angles.  You can find me here :)

Great interview in my eyes Ladie's! I thought you two might have gave it to me a more full on, with the questions I mean! Stop it now the interview has finished, and you're both still stood there blushing, and giggling away! Ok keep laughing and I will do the talking! Now that could be a good Idea or a bad idea... Really though, it's been an absolute pleasure having you both on this tour, not to mention doing a great job with the interview, you have both been been fantastic since day the first day's I have known you both, and must say it's a great little tag team you both have going on, I really do think we make a lovely three some! There you both go again sniggering away, can people not be take serious for a minute please! 'Giggles'. 

I will try again... On a serious note, thank you ladies :)

The idea behind this tour came from my story, Passion. When I first written, Louie Has Landed 'The Early Days', it was meant to be one complete story, but unfortunately my heart was crying out to just type how I was feeling, and not before long I had exceeded the maximum word count! I then had to make the story in to two parts, and that's when, Louie Has Landed 'The Second Encounter', was born, but I still wanted this story to be one, but how could I lose over 16.000 words to make this the one complete story! I was speaking to a great guy called Denis, he gave me a few ideas, but even then I still didn't think it would be possible! It was, and Passion was born for others to enjoy the good times as well as the bad that both of them stories hold, I did that by keeping my main focus on the dialogue, and still maintaining the story that has a faster paste for the reader to read. Its a great story and I am willing to give out free copies of, Passion and, Louie Has Landed 'The Early Days'. You can get your free copies of these awesome stories free, after all the idea behind this tour was passion, if you enjoyed my tour then you really will love, Passion. I was thinking for a long time, 'How could I make an interview that is different', I got my answer after it was there in my hands! 'Make it like your books, Mr Swarbrick', I went with the voices in my head, and again not thinking what any body would think, I already started promoting the idea before having a an authors lined up! I know very risky indeed! With over 20.000 views, and over 100 hits a day to my blog, I think you will agree, the voice's were right! This is my way of saying thank you to everyone who has supported this idea that became reality. Each and every author have been great sports for having the bottle to come on such a tour! I just hope I past my own test, and had you all smiling

It's time for the treats I we lined up for you. 

I wont only be giving away free copies of, Passion, and Louie Has Landed 'The Early Days', on Amazon, but I will also be giving away 2 signed copies of my first novel, Louie Has Landed 'The Early Days' These two books apart of the very first original copies that were ever printed, there was only ever 50 printed! Since then the cover and the content has changed! They are a unique book to hold on to ;) All runners up will receive a PDA copy of one of my working titles. Simply fill out the contact form on my website with the answers, for a chance to win. 

1, Who was my seventh guest?
2, Who is my best friend in my story, that I would always confide in about absolutely anything?
3, What rhyme on this tour was I made to sing?
Please fill out the contact page on my website with your answers for a chance to win :)
CR Hiatt: I will giveaway ebook copies of ‘Gone at Zero Hundred’and also, ‘Fireworks on the 4th’ To the first person who leaves a comment on Kevin’s blog post with an answer to the following question: What nursery rhyme did Kevin give me to use in my blog questions during the blog tour

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It's Christmas! Check out these great authors :)  Now this is the fun part, by clicking each of the authors links, you will see all their books along with their promotions and offers that will be available for a short time only.

Poetry to melt your heart, the awesome, Helle Soe Gade:

The lovely story teller, Eri Nelson:

The awesome, Vickie Mckeehan:

The very sweet, Carlyle Labuschagne:

The awesome, Justin Bog:

You couldn't get any hotter than, Scarlet Flame:

Author, Kathleen Smith:

I would also like to give a huge thank you to, Edith Mosbac, for being my second pair of eyes, and for being such a lovely lady and friend! You rock Edith :)Xx

And also a huge thank you to, Marta Moran Bishop, for her, Give a book campaign. Marta  campaign, and work is well worth checking out, you can do this by visiting, Marta's Facebook page and website, please don't take my word on how great this lady is, please do drop by and see for yourself :)

I would like to wish everyone a fantastic weekend, and enjoy the holidays, I will catch you all soon. Good luck with the questions!

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Enjoy your weekend everbody and thanks again for joining us on this last interview of the year. I just hope you was all smiling, after all thats the idea behind these interviews :)


  1. Totally awesome interview, ladies and well uhmm, naughty gentleman ;) xx

  2. I had to let it all hang out, Helle, Giggles' I am so glad you enjoyed it :) CR and Dawn did an awesome job :) Still I did get them blushing! 'Result!' ;)Xx

  3. Bahahahaha! Kevin I freakin loved your story! It was so YOU! Ladies, you did a lot of blushing and laughing, he's a hard one. Thanks for my Friday night giggles, mouth hanging open at times, "Kevin" it was a blast my friends! Clapping Hands!! What a awesome giveaway you have going. Happy Holidays Everyone��������

  4. Hey Kim, thank you :-D! I'm glad you love the story, 'Giggles'. Really though, what was I meant to write with them words... 'Kev's style it was'. :) I hope you do enjoy the little giveaway ;) Happy Holidays sweetie :) Xx

  5. You're a bad boy Kevin, but an awesome friend and author! Happy holidays!

  6. Hey sweetie, thank you :-D! Me a bad boy? Never, Giggles'. I just didn't see the point in holding it back, I had to just let it come out :) Happy Holidays to you too my friend :)Xx

  7. Okay, I need to read these soon!!! :)

    1. Good to see you, Angela, thank you :-D I hope you enjoy them <3 :)

  8. Awesome! My internet is back on for now, unless the workers start up on the towers again. Thank you so much for allowing Dawn and I to have some fun with your blog tour, and put you on the hot seat. Even though you made us blush, it was fun! Hope it's going great!!!

  9. That's awesome also, CR :) I just hope it does stay on for you. As for you and Dawn blushing, sorry about that ladies... Not lol! You shouldn't have gave me them words to play with! 'Giggles'. I'm glad you both had as much fun as I did! You both did a great job with the interview, and yes it's going great :) It's been a pleasure to have you both on my tour. Thank you :) I wish you nothing but the best come 2014 :)Xx