Sunday, April 8, 2012

Just a little poem for my friends and family and follows out there. Happy Easter :)

This is an Easter poem for my followers out there, I may not be around, but I am always near.
If it wasn't for you and people dear, my dream of becoming an author wouldn't be here!

When the world becomes sad, and your full of fear, then lift up your chin as I am here.
The people we cherish are always there, and the ones who are not, well they didn't care.

Well I do care and thats just me, lift up my books and you will see, the positivity lies in me..
Truth be known and the truth maybe sad, but in my heart I could never be mad.
Keep it real as I do with you, and follow a dream that can come true.

Believe in yourself and dont be put down, only then your dreams will come around.
It may seem hard and wear you down, but always lift up that frown and turn it around.

A smile on the outside is always great, its only then the world is a happy place. So this is my poem to my friends out there, just to say happy Easter and I still care :)


  1. Lovely & so thoughtful too. Thank you dear. <3 :D

  2. Very poetic... Thank you so much, Kevin. :)

  3. How sweet! Thank you! I'm happy we're friends :-)

  4. Lovely Kevin...

  5. Thanks for Sharing...lovely Poem. :)