Thursday, July 21, 2016

#RealLife #RealTalk... Critic's by FATE

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In life we all do learn a lot, we all make mistakes, we all have friends and family that will betray us at some point, 'Sad, but very true!' but forget all that negative #*\#!!! 

When you learn how to love, how to have compassion, how to have morals and respect, how to understand, how to be honest, how to feel another person's pain, how to be trustworthy, how to accept your wrongs and make them wrongs right, how to survive huge ordeals and still and still carry on even though your head is battered and your mind is all over the place, but yet you still have the strength to carry on by never giving up on your inner self.

Let me tell you, once you recognize the above and been there through them roller coaster emotions, well, that's when you know you are one truly amazing, awesome person, and no matter what, no one can ever take that away from you.

Of course people will always be critics, 'Some good, some bad!' some will try to run you down, and some will try and pick you up! 'Good advice & bad advice, we hear it all the time...

Never stop being a good person, it isn't you, so don't let that happen!

Think about it. 

Check out Critics, you'll see what I mean ;)

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