Thursday, July 21, 2016

#RealLife #RealTalk My love goes out to my grandparents always. My memories will always live on.

Once again I have managed to turn my Poetry into awesome positive dance/rap songs with my partner Jennie Bonita.

My poetry book I have written is a dedication to the best grandparents any child could have wished for. Those memory's I will always treasure. 

I've now turned them memories into something creative and positive with the help of top vocalist Jennie Bonita for the world to enjoy and share their love as they did with me.
My poems cover a wide range of topics, including cancer, terrorist, love, passion, money, loneliness, and a lot more, if you want vulgar, you really do have the wrong book and the wrong music to go with it :) 'Just Saying!'

In my heart, I know my Nan and Granddad would be very proud of what me and Jennie are achieving and that's all that matters to me, my Nan adored Jennie, and I know my Granddad would have to if he had ever met her, God bless them both.

Their hearts played massive role in my life, if it wasn't for them, well my life would have been a lot worse than it already was. 

Everything in life is down to FATE, and because FATE bought me and Jennie together, it seemed the perfect name to call ourselves.

My Nan taught me to look past all the negativity in life, to look forward to the great times, to concentrate on what you want to do in life and don't worry about other people's opinions, there is always a positive side. True to my Nan's words there always is despite what cards I've chucked in life.

These are some of our tunes out of Cool Blue Poetry, 

These are just some of the tracks out of my book, once we have completed what we've set out to do, you will be able to hear all these awesome tunes.

At the moment my book is available on Amazon, Kindle around the world, Cool Blue Poetry will soon be available in paperback very soon once everything has been completed.

As some will know, my grandparents are a huge inspiration to me, its heart breaking that they are no longer with us.
In my heart, my words flow, in my mind there will always remain, that positive energy they gave to me, I'm now reflecting that out for the world to enjoy too, not just by the reading, but also by the awesome soundtracks to go along with the book.

Be sure to follow our FATE page on FaceBook for all our updated and progress.

Also be sure to check out the awesome Jennie Bonita, this lady really does have the wow factor, you will see what I mean :)

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