Saturday, June 18, 2016

After the horrific Paris attacks, we came together to bring you FATE, a new positive beat on the street.

After the horrific Paris attacks, myself and my partner came together and started to record our very own positive dance tunes, we wanted to bring the positivity  back into a world that was looking so grim. 

I had my own little world going on inside my head, including the loss of my nan who was a huge inspiration to me, my nan was no normal nan that you visited once a week, she was a great friend and a mother figure to me. I was already writing my poetry book when we decided to take on a new challenge and after being let down on the music side in the past, we thought it would be great to create our own, we decided to go ahead with the idea, we was now making music from the knowledge that we have learnt on this roller coster of a journey, we now had the power and freedom to take control over our creation, we didn't just stop at the Paris attacks, we also went on to create some awesome music out of my book, Cool Blue Poetry. 

Cool Blue Poetry is dedication to my grandparents, there's a mixture of feeling in there, memories from the past, pain that will always remain, love that will stay strong, there's a track to do with cancer that will be on the album. 

I could go on, but please do take a listen and share them if you like them. 

We are hoping to raise a lot of money towards Cancer research, so sharing our music that is so far, free to download, you will be doing your part to change a life in the future, 'Think about it.' 

This was our first track that we put together right after the Paris attacks. 

Our second track was then called Revelation. 

And our third track we did is called, Stay strong.. 

After putting these tracks together, we needed a name, FATE seems very appropriate! We went on to do a track to bring FATE out of the woodwork so to speak, FATE has landed was that very track..

We then went on to do more inspirational music, but this time out of my book called, Cool Blue Poetry, after all we wanted to give our readers and listeners a positive message's leaving them with hope. It was also a great way to keep my Grandparents memory alive, after all it was them who have inspired me through life. 

My stories will always live on, just as their memories do in my heart. 

Be sure to check out our FaceBook page,

I'm also introducing the awesome amazing top vocalist/entertainer and my partner in life as in FATE! This lady is the fabulous Jennie Bonita, really Jennie has a voice and a heart of an angel, don't just take my word for it, check Jennie's page right here.  I only have one word, and that word is, Brilliant!! Like I said, see for yourself right here :)

Here's a few tracks out of my book Cool Blue Poetry that will be available in paper back very soon once our tracks are completed, but in the mean time, it's available on Kindle around the world :)

Whispers by FATE on #SoundCloud

Our aim once all the tracks are finished is to get some sponsors to help us move this project forward and to hopefully help to raise a lot of money for cancer research.

I know this would be a huge success with the right support behind us, not because it's taken us a year to put this project together, but because we are choosing subjects that haven't been put together before, we have the poetry book and the album to match these inspirational quotes!

There's more tracks that haven't been uploaded just yet, we have saved them especially for this album. In total we have done 34 tracks, some are on SoundCloud that are free to download, but really we are saving the best till last!

More on our achievements at a later date, in the mean time we hope you enjoy our music that is free to download on Soundcloud, also a big thank you to everyone that has supported us on this journey, just like the music, you guys rock. 

Have a great weekend and keep smiling :) 

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