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#Xfactor or is it the blag #Factor you decide.....

Ok as some of you will know already know this already, but for those who don't, let me give you an update. I went along to the Xfactor with my partner, Jennie, and my mate Chris, I wanted to see how a show like the Xfactor works behind the senses, not to mention the fact that I was already there supporting a true Xfactor star! Really, if you heard my partner sing, you really would know what I'm talking about. Awesome is an understatement! 

Anyway, where was I, enough about how great of a singer my partner is, let me talk about the two long days spent on the Xfactor, let's say it was somewhat of an education, one huge eye opener!
We did meet some fantastic people and had plenty of laughs along the way. 

I would really like to share our experience's with the Xfactor and also my prediction about the Xfactor!

As my readers will know from my books, I say that I should have been a detective rather than a decorator… I know that's true, the people around me know that's true, so now I want you to see if that is true, I want to do my prediction of the Xfactor, but first, here are just a few questions everyone would like to know the answer to if they where running a successful show such as the Xfactor.

How can we make a show successful ?

How can we get the audience to make a show ?

How can we make the public believe in the show ?

These are three simple questions that I really do have the answers for, I can thank the Xfactor for that, or should I say my inner detective side!

Ok, here goes, day one when we went down to the Xfactor auditions, the email reads, to bring as many people as you can with to support YOU! ‘That's good right.’ You will see what I mean as I continue to unfold the mysteries behind the Xfator or is it my creative mind speaking out? 
Time will really tell on this matter, the reason I am posting it before the show even starts to see if I'm right or if I am wrong! Oh, and that's my answer to my first question on how to build an audience, ' Get the people that are auditioning to bring as many people to support them as possible!' Simple right! 


As we watched standing in the rain with my partner and my friend, not to mention a load of screaming hopefuls, I was taking notice of all things around me as I normally do! The first thing I noticed at 8 am in the morning, standing in a huge line waiting to be seen, I always take note of the people in the crowd and around me, now some people had an X painted on their faces… OK, you think, that isn't odd as their supporting the show right? And you would right to think that, but it isn't right, these same people were used for camera filming, used on stage, basically everywhere the these people went, the cameras were following! After noticing all this I started to scratch my head a little. 

It said in the email to dress like a star, make yourself stand out, sing in the audience to stand out above the rest, but the people that were singing in the crowd getting the attention by the cameras, the wasn't dressed like stars, in fact, I thought some had just got out of bed and forgot to get ready, again this got me thinking about the email, 'If you dress like a star, you sing like a star, how can they turn you into a star?' 

There was an old guy in the audience, say in his 70's wearing a bright yellow long work Jackets, he was singing opera at the top of his voice... 'Just practicing some would say!' > Maybe!

The host said to make some noise, jump around on stage, let your hair down, what he meant was, anyone with the X painted on their faces are allowed on stage, oh and the few people that were singing in the crowd was allowed on, again this did get me thinking.

Why were these people that are standing with us all allowed on stage to dance and make a show of themselves when no one else was, even though we was told that we could by the guy hosting it for the show, but again is this all just for the cameras. I let this go over my head, after all I was standing beside a true Xfactor star, and to me, I thought these people were just behaving like prats for the cameras, we all did... So be it!

This story just gets better so please hang in there, we did for two days! 
After we were told what to do and cheer as an audience, you know, clap your hands, jump and scream as loud as you can so that the camera would spot you! We was all told what to do, and don't get me wrong, that's fine as we all have rules to follow and dreams to chase, and a show to make right? Now that's my answer to number two... 'Get people to believe in themselves and to follow and chase that dream' 
Think about it, how many people out there want to be a singer? I rest my case.

After 8 hours of standing outside in the cold and slight drizzle, we then made our way into the building where we all sat in one huge hall waiting to be seen, as you can imagine with all the fans and dreamers that turned up, there were still more hours to go! 

At last Jennie got seen and was handed the red ticket to the next round, I am feeling so proud of Jennie, not that there is a thing to not be proud of, Jennie, is not only a kind loving caring honest lady, but has a voice of an angel! 

There were people who couldn't sing at all, but yet got they got the red ticket, OK, some people did get turned down also, but was this just a part of their game to get you more roped in!

‘That's the answer to the 3rd question, make people believe' 

We arrived the following day at 10 am, I was shocked to see the same people from the day before haven't even got changed, even the X was still in the same place…
I found this very odd indeed, then I thought it was a fix… So here's what I think and feel, I could be wrong, but I really don't think I am! 

You had a gay guy there, I would say late 20's blond hair, now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against gay people, but everyone knows we get gayer than gay sometimes, you know, the ones that like to shout it out from the roof tops for the world to hear, they do this by being as camp as they can be, asking guys he didn't know to marry him, this guy was just that… Forgive me if you’re reading this, but come on dude, was there really a need for all that…
Yes, there was, for the cameras!

There were five Chinese women that we had never seen, and they weren't even in any of the queues, but yet they got escorted to our room around 7pm where we had all been sitting there for hours to be seen, well, these ladies were there around 5 minutes before being shown into their audition room… Yes, that did get me thinking a lot too... 'If you hear five Chinese women singing, Love is all around you, well you know I am on the right track with my predictions'.

There was also a young lady there with green and black hair, black and white leggings, green top… There was a guy doing Eminem in his own style. I could go on and on about why I think the show is fixed, not because the best singer never got given the chance to truly shine, but because of what we had all seen, all three of us, not to mention the lovely people we encountered, I feel it truly it is fixed and they already know who's going to be on the show beforehand. I know this isn't just me that thinks this way, but it is just me that will write about it.

The second day is where the Xfactor really hit home! We were sat in the famous waiting room where we was told to interact and be ourselves, the room had a dance floor, a makeup area, a singing area with a microphone where the same people from the day before would be singing in front of the cameras, some were only miming as the cameras where rolling just on there's people.

The email that my partner received, said to dress like a star, to bring as many people with you, dress in bright clothing to stand out
Now me being me wanted to show the love my support like the email addressed to, Jennie said, I went and had some T-Shirts printed with Jennies name on and also some balloons done. The email did say show support, so that's what I did...

When we was just sat there, Jennie asked if she could go over to the makeup area, the answer was, ‘Well not at the moment, there filming, basically you had to stay in your seats and smile, and that's what we did, me and Jennie had everyone in that little circle laughing, the camera men were doing their bit, the people who never got changed from the day before was doing there bit… When a young lady approached me and my mate and asked if we could show her mate to the nearest McDonnell’s… My response was, I have no idea where it is and I'm her supporting my partner, she then asked my mate, he agreed and went off with her mate!

The penny dropped after putting the fix factor puzzle together, that we was asked because of the T-Shirts, after all, you don't want names of people who are not on the show appearing on camera, and sure enough the same young lady who asked us, was walking up and down with her man for the camera, I'm not sure if it was her partner, but they seemed to be very close!

I now need to ask you, does anyone want a chance of winning a Holiday of a life time?Do you fancy living in a home with no bills to pay for the rest of your life?Do want a nice car that you will never have to worry about?Money in the bank where you can wipe your backside on and not miss a single note?

If so your on the wrong blog... But you can listen to an amazing singer right here :)

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