Sunday, July 12, 2015

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Pain we can never lose,

I thought over the years I had recognized the true meaning of pain, Yes, I have felt the pain beyond pain when it comes to relationships, family's, bully's, Abuse, Homelessness... I could go on, but my words are expressed in my writing, there my memories of all the dark times and great times stay, giving the reader enjoyment from a story that's part of my past that stayed a memory so clear to this day.

I thought I was dealt the entire pain card deck, I thought life couldn't make me feel the emotions that I am feeling to this day! They say that when you lose a very close member of your family, time is meant to heal, and sure enough it does, but the pain will always remain there in the back of your mind wanting to jump out at you, anything you hear reminds you of a time that was, you feel your stomach turning, your heart beating faster, and then the tears start to run down your face with flashbacks that can't be replaced, just memories that float around your mind instead of in space.

No matter how you look at life, there is always going to be pain, there's always going to be sadness and happiness, things you cant control that are out of our hands, there's always going to be problems in life, sometimes it can feel life you're being tested, moved around like a pawn by the man in the sky, something we will never know till the day we die, if that's just a myth or someones alibi?

Life is precious and a gift, make the most of it and live, pain we can never lose, but turn that pain into something we can all use, words of wisdom and truth is always the way forward, don't let the dark clouds ruin your life, love the memories that we call life, be true and love just as much as we can, being bitter and hateful you're talking to the wrong man, I just tell the truth the best I can, that to me, makes me a better man...


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