Sunday, July 12, 2015

I was ask by the #Awesome #Author, Marta Moran Bishop, to #Answer some #Questions from A to Z

I made a promise to the awesome author, Marta Moran Bishop, that I would answer these A to Z questions about me as requested on FaceBook, but I thought I would use it as a blog post for everyone to read also.

You can find, Marta's work on Amazon, one amazing woman, not to mention one fantastic author, that's really well worth checking out...


Well, here goes...

A- Age:  I am the big 40 in July... Where have them years gone I do keep asking myself.

B- Biggest fear: My biggest fear was losing my Nan, I knew my Nan was the only person that had held the family together, unfortunately I'm living what my fear was!

C- Current Time: 00.14

D- Drink you last had: Coffee.

E- Easiest person to talk to: Jennie.

F- Favorite Song: Cleaning out my closet by, Eminem.

G- Grossest memory: Whatching your mother being beaten by her ex boyfriend as a child! Yes I did jump on him back and wrapped my arms around his neck tight so that he would leave my mother alone! I would have been around 11 at the time. 

H- Hometown: Salford, England.

I- In love with: My partner, Jennie.

J- Jealous of: I think everyone has been jealous of something or another at some point, but we all do grow up and want the best for everybody in life.

K- Killed someone? I am delighted to say that I have never killed anyone, not even in my stories, 'Wicked Grin' 

L- Longest Relationship: Almost 10 years.

M- Middle name: Mark.

N- Number of Siblings: None that I legally know about!!

O- One wish: To just be secure in life with no worries.

P- Person you last called: Jennie.

Q- Question you're always asked: When will your next book be out.

R- Resons to smile: Jennie and my friends.

S- Song you last sang: Dramas, written and sang by me. 

T- Time you woke up: 5.40am

U- Underwear colour: White.

V- Vacation Destination: Italy.

X- X-rays you have had: Erm, I've had a few in my time,  I have broken my elbow, my leg, also me knee in the years and that's without any other bumps and falls I may have encountered along the way, I have even car crashes... In other words, is this a trick question, 'Giggles'.

Y- Your Favorite food: T-Bone Steak.

Z- Zodiac sign: Leo.

Anything else you would like to know about me, then you can find most of it all in here...

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