Tuesday, June 9, 2015

In loving memory of, Hilda Swarbrick, who sadly passed away 29/4/2015

On Friday 29/4/2015 at 9pm, it saddens me to say that my nan, Hilda Swarbick, past away.

My nan was 91 years of age, a very independent woman with a heart of gold. I go on about my Grandparents a lot in my life, and I've written about them both in my books. 

Anyone who has read my books or even met my grandparents will say the same as I do! They were remarkable kind, loving, respectable people, that never had a bad word to say about anyone, but if they did it wasn't without reason to! 

I know I've had had an ear bashing in my time, but them ear bashings, their love and kindness, made me the guy I am today, they both taught me to be strong, never to give up, always except mistakes, treat others how you would want to be treated, don't be afraid of showing your love and expressing yourself, always stay strong and don't worry what others say or think about you.

Basically, just be yourself! I've learnt all them qualitys and more including compassion, and trust me they was plenty of that to be had. 

Love to Len and Hilda Swarbrick always xx

This is another little poem that I have written, it's called, Grandparents 

The kind loving souls that show us the way, fighting for our well being every day, Grandparents that we look up to with respect, always keeping us from the storms so that we don’t get wet, but that time will come when they have to go away, but no matter what, there’re shedding their light of love that still leads your way. 

We she’ll always have memories that will never leave, some will bring joys, some will leave tears... You will never stop wishing for that day they will be here, holding your hand and saying, ‘Yes my Dear?’ 

With all the sounds of true words once said, remembering the days that they did their best, wanting you to smile and the rest, as it’s now time to do your best. 

Dry those eyes and pick up your smile, that’s the reason your Grandparents made your life so worthwhile.

               R.I.P Hilda Swarbrick, you will be forever missed. 
                        Love to you and grandad always xx


  1. A heart-felt tribute to a very beautiful Lady Hilda. There is kindness and compassion written on her face. God's speed, Kevin. You have a new Guardian Angel in Heaven.
    -- Linda

    1. Thank you, Linda, I know you're right <3

  2. You have your own personal angel in heaven now. SIP Mrs. Swarbrick.