Wednesday, October 8, 2014

#Flower Blue Rain... What flower represents you?

This post follows my Facebook post where I was asked by the lovely talented, Shelly Lundquist, to find a flower that represents me and also what the flower symbolises. The intention is to fill up Facebook with flowers to break the saturation of negative images and videos that we do stubble across on many timelines... 

    The flower I chose was a flower called, Blue Rain.

How I came across this plant by chance, it was my nan's birthday and I wanted to get her something special, like I always do, but what do you get a lady that has everything including all our love. I normally find her something she would want, like some nightwear for winter and items I know she would use. 

On this occasion I hadn't any idea... I'm forever getting my nan flowers, so that wouldn't be anything special in my eyes. Anyway, where was I? Yes, we came across this plant in the flower section when I was doing some shopping with my new partner. We were in a well known supermarket, and I said lets just have a look at the flower section, so we did. 

There it was standing out to me saying, 'You must buy me Mr Swarbrick.' It was overpriced so I kept having second thoughts, but the more I thought about it the more the heart kept saying, 'You can't put a price on beauty.' It was sitting with some orchids all by itself in a large see through box. It was a lovely plant in a lovely package... Perfect!! 

We went around that evening and visited my nan, we gave my nan the plant. She loved it and thought it was very pretty and very unusual, and it was... Everyone was happy...

Three days later I received a call from my nan in a panic... I was worried and when my nan told me what was wrong, I couldn't stop laughing. This is how that phone call went...

"Hi nan how are you?" 
"Oh, I am ok, but to tell you the truth this plant you have got me is beautiful, but it's scaring me!"
"It's scaring you?"
"Yes, it's grown at least two inches in three days, or I've shrunk more! It frightens me and I can't move it, the leafs are all sharp and they prick me every time I go near it!"
"Aw, I'm sorry nan. I'm working at the other end of Manchester, I'm not in the area at the moment. Can you not ask the guy whose fitting your bathroom and doing the tiling to just move it into the dinning room and I will move it at weekend?"
"I couldn't ask him to move the plant."
"Nan he won't mind moving it into the dinning room, it's no big deal."
"The leafs are sharp and I wouldn't want him to be spiked by it; It really does scare me!"
"Aw nan he wouldn't mind, anyway don't get worried I will see what I can do and try to get down after work, if not it will be tomorrow evening. I'm sorry the plant is like that though, it looked so pretty." 
"I'm sorry to go on, it is a very pretty plant, but it's growing more everyday and it scares me"
"Nan its sounding like that plant in the little shop of horrors movie if you ask me nan... 'Feed me seymoor!"
"It's getting like that."

My Nan started to laugh and said;

"I don't want you coming around if you're busy, I just wanted to let you know. Is there any room in your home for the plant? It is lovely, but I just feel its taking over."
"It's ok Nan, I will find a place for it. I will see you soon, but like I said, don't worry."
"I wont now I've spoken to you. Thank you Kevin."
"There's no need to thank me, I bought you the triffid."

We both laughed.

"Right nan I need to love you and leave you now, I have some wallpaper pasted ready do go up, I will catch you soon."
"Ok love, I will see you soon. Sorry for my little rant."
"Like I said don't be sorry, look on the bright side, it will have another lovely home to go back to. Right Nan I must go. I will see you soon. Keep smiling, if there's anything you need, then let me know. I love you nan."
"Aww bless you, I will be sure to let you know. I love you too, Kevin. See you soon and don't work too hard."
"You know me nan, I'm always grafting when I can."
"I know you are love. You take care. See you soon."
"You sure will Nan. Bye for now."

We said our goodbyes, but no matter what the thought of this Triffid plant was going on in my head. I have never heard my nan so worried, ok, I have, but not over a plant. I decided to go around that evening after work, I couldn't stand the thought of her being all stressed over a plant. I still couldn't understand why my nan never asked the tiler guy to move it, after all he handles tiles that are sharp... 'Not to worry, just go and get it.' My inner voice in my head kept repeating.

When I arrived at my nan's home, she was pleased to see me as always. We had a few good jokes about the plant, and I stayed for around an hour chatting, then went home with the plant. My nan wasn't joking this plant did grow a lot in them a few days. 

When I got it home, I could still see its beauty, Ok, Teddy wasn't impressed... Still, that's my little story how I came to own this beautiful plant.

The plant blue Rain symbolizes; Friendship and devotion. 
After reading up about this plant with its plastic spiky flowered kind of texture, it really was such a gentle looking plant, I could understand why this plant caught my eye right away... 
It really is a stunning plant when it isn't on the attack... 'Giggles.'  

What flower represents you? :)


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this story, both here and on facebook. And, thank you for participating in the challenge and for sharing your beautiful energy. xo

    Love Shelley

  2. Aww thank you Shelley, and thank you for asking me to participate, I had fun writing this. Lets keep the flowers going with all that positive beautiful energy <3 xx