Sunday, June 1, 2014

I don't have a masters degree but my feeling do go down on paper...

I must apologise for being away so long, as you know life has many ups and downs and boy I have had my share! I won't go into much detail but I had to switch my mind off from the outside world with all its dramas that have been manifesting in the back of my mind and on top of everything that's in my mind already it really hasn't been a pleasant place to be in, hopefully things are now coming together... 'Time will tell!'

My blog tour will be back towards the end of the year, that's giving me a chance to catch up on my writing now that my life is coming slowly together, but in the mean time I have decided to write a poetry book putting some of my feelings down on paper, don't get me wrong I don't have a masters degree in poetry, but here are just a few that will be in my personal collection. I will start with one I first written a few years ago, but I never took my poetry any further after I written this, but like anything I do in life, I am more than willing to have a go. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.
Thank you for all your awesome support :)

Love! What's love

Wait I need to sneeze.
It’s early morning, there is no one about, only the sounds of the clock, tick tock, tick tock.
My mind was wondering with all kinds of stuff, sat here in the kitchen with the same tick tock, my mind was wondering on stories that shall be, yes my mind is frazzled, but that’s just a part of me.
I take deep breaths and I begin to write, my peace of mind is now back in sight, with all the stuff that has been going on, I am surprised I didn't run to my mum, but wait a minute that stuffs not me, I keep away from all negativity!  You can’t handle what I say as I hear the clock ticking away, who cares what you think? You can’t judge me, so bring on the wars and the negativity; did I get here by listening to you? I never did and now my dreams are slowly coming true, I brought myself up, not you!

As I began to lose my thoughts that run deep, I realise the friendships that are true and so sweet, things have not been easy for me, looking at the clock it’s now quarter past three.
I'm still sat in the chair in the kitchen you see, watching time passes by talking to thee, but wait a second I think I am wrong; I am not talking to anyone, just the voices to my own song!

You now think I'm crazy and that’s just fine, I will even toast to that over a glass of wine even though my creative mind is running just fine. My mind is at ease not hearing a breeze; my fingers are working... Wait I need to sneeze... 

Can you hear me.
The fall as I hit the ground, no one cares with no one is around.
When I cry the sounds of a baby, with the screaming in pain that would drive you crazy, not knowing what to do with no one other than you, no one is around, but can you hear me?
The times when you are sad and in that lonely place, with so many people who are there in your face, but search within as you sleep at night when there is yet again no one in sight, the only sounds that you can hear is the echo of that new born tier.
The child within is calling out at you to be strong and give love that will remain so true, live for the future and not in the past, those memories will always be there to last, but with the one question that never seems to pass... Can you hear me?

Snapped heart
Broken pieces that don’t seem to fit, which one fits? Which one fits? A snapped heart that is no longer no more, a heart that was so tender and was so pour is now slammed between two doors! How could this be with no more you and me, everything we said, we were our destiny!

Please make the pain go away, this feeling of not wanting to live another day, snapped heart be pour once again remember the sun that dries up the rain, snapped heart snapped heart let go of the pain, you’re still beating with a love that remains...

These are just a few that will be appearing in my poetry collection that is written from my heart and my emotions from my experiences in my life, they may not mean anything to some readers, but I'm hoping it will do to many that have had them highs and them low points in life. These poems are some of my low points as you might have guested, but in life its what we do with them low points that matters isn't it? My choice was to write! As you know how I became an author is all in my story Passion, that again was told from my heart.

Check out Passion the full story behind both books (Louie Has Landed 'The Early Days and Louie Has Landed 'The Second Encounter) by 'Me'