Thursday, November 28, 2013

Coming very soon!! My sixteenth guest on my, 'Deliciously Scandalous Blog Tour' is the awesome author, Mary Reason Theriot, another great interview!

Hi everyone, I have a great treat lined up for you all tomorrow. I have not only got another awesome victim for my tour, but I have a lovely treat for you all at the end of the interview. It's just my way, and the author's way of saying thanks to all our readers, and for giving us all such awesome support this year. You really have been fantastic and still are :) You have all pushed this tour forward much more than I ever would have thought! It really has been very overwhelming with the response I've had. We are all over the moon that you are enjoying these interviews and continue to do so. What a treat we have lined up for you all ;)!!

As you know I do tend to thank a lot of people on this tour, and you may be sitting there thinking, 'not again!' but really we all know gratitude does go a long way and I for one am not afraid to show it :)

There are so many wonderful talented awesome people out there, it really is a pleasure and an honor to know them, I have also been very lucky enough to have made some fantastic friends along this journey... You all remember my first guest on my tour, you know the lovely author and friend, Helle Soe Gade, well I got an epic surprise from Helle when I was given some awesome news about her friends campaign, and I was asked would I like to....   

I'm not going to tell you until tomorrow when you join me and my next guest on my....

 This Deliciously Scandalous Blog Tour, Is brought to you by...

                  And now that passion just got even bigger

Revenge some would say!

For more information please stay tuned for this next awesome interview, for all the details feel free to visit my website... Tomorrow, I'm not telling you today! 'Giggles!' 

Have a fantastic, Thanks Giving to all my US friends and readers out there. Love and best wishes to you all! Enjoy your holiday, and keep smiling :)


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