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The awesome and spooky author, Emily Hill... @KevinSwarbrick 'Deliciously Scandalous Blog Tour'

Once again, I would first like to thank all the readers for showing me their support, you really are all awesome, I would like to also give a huge thank you to my second pair of eyes on this tour. Edith Mosback, thank you so much for just being you and giving an honest opinion every week and being what a friend should be about. Edith takes the time out to read these post before they do go live, and boy she know's when I'm upset and happy, 'It shows in my writing'. So I'm told!! 'Giggles' I am glad you do tell me though, I know if I get a smile from a true reader with such a great character, then I know I am going to get a smile from you the reader :)  Thank you Edith for putting so much faith in me and my work... and of course to all my other true friends and readers out there who continue to show their true support everyday on twitter. Thank you all so much :) Moving on sharpest... ;)

My Sixth guest is the amazing author, Emily Hill. I have known Emily throw Twitter, like many of my other author friends, Emily has shown her support to me in many ways and for that I am truly grateful, I hope to return that support and give Emily, like all my other guest a great interview. You're in for a spooky ride!

Woody Allen’s character in Crimes and Misdemeanors delivered the following [excerpted] monologue which speaks, most precisely, to who I am  “. . .we define ourselves by the choices we have made.  We are, in fact, the sum total of our choices.” 

At the age of sixteen I chose to follow my grandmother and mother’s lead into the world of Ghost Chasers . . . thus becoming ‘The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter’.

Like most people who have a near-death experience (polio, 1950) I am acutely aware of The Other Side and have a deep sense of longing to connect with my ancestors waiting for me Beyond the Grave.

My straight-laced husband, a classical musician, with whom I share a black cat, tolerates my predilections.  Well, okay . . . we don’t really have a black cat – but the rest of this bio is totally true.

Wow... I didn't even  see you come in then Emily. Now that was spooky!! Thank you for the introduction. Woody Allen is an great iconic figure for many.   
I've had a brush with the other side a few times and I can't say I wont again.
I really can imagine how you felt. Musicians are creative, and like writers, can have a temperment! I must admit, I do have an artistic temperment and I try and keep it in check as best I can, but this God damn society makes it hard to do that at times 'Graaa'. Moving on...

Sometimes in life we all want more than what we can have, but if you had one wish to have anything or anyone, what would that wish be and why?

If I was granted one wish, I would wish to be a Katrina, moving between the Land of the Living and the Land Beyond the Grave.  Why would I wish for something that –in so many minds – is so macabre?  Because the Katrina is the epitome of an Elegant Death – which is inevitable (death, not necessarily elegance).  Well, hmmm . . . taxes are also inevitable they say.  Death and Taxes.   But – who wants to be a Tax Man?  Yes, please after this life is over, let me be a Katrina.  And, to the Goddesses of Fate:  If I could also have a blue dress, and matching wide-brimmed, flower-adorned, hat.  And while we are at it, please make me willowy and white skinned.  And maybe we could throw in a BFF Katrina too!  I am – after all – a rather social animal!

Interesting... I'm afraid I can't help you with Katrina, and you're right who would want to be a tax man! Still its a job and any job is better than not having a job, and we know what society is like these days with so many out of work. Its not a nice place and it makes a tax mans job look grand :)

I would like you to make a short story up using no more than 400 words containing every one of these 14 key words; Bra, Game, Arm, Dragon, Rope, Window, Government, Dog poo, Sex, Light, Gap, Spoon, Moon, DM! Yes I know before it used to be 500 words, but you authors are making it all look too easy...
Arm, Bra, DM, Dog Poo, Dragon, Game, Gap, Government, Light, Moon, Rope, Sex, Spoon, Window [In alphabetical order]
It was a hot summer morning, muggy, the air still.  My sophomore year of high school ended the week before and I was spending a lazy morning in my room, thinking about how I would like it redecorated in bright yellow frills.  From the arm of the chair next to my bed I picked up my bra and put it on.  Dressed in undies and bra I was now ready to send a DM to my best friend, Betsy.  I can text in a bra and panties, but never in the nude! 

This message was not going to be pleasant.  I was in a ranting frame of mind over the dog poo Betsy’s Chihuahua, The Dragon, left in my mother’s flowerbed the day before.  Soiling the garden was no game in our household and I had caught hell over it last night when my mom got home from work. 

The gap between my family’s values (raised by a federal government agency-head and single mom) and hers (raised by a band of gypsies) caused Betsy to make light of my seriousness and her prankish-ness.  We were as different as the moon and the sun.  I’m one of those ‘Give ‘em enough rope and they’ll hang themselves’ kind of people.  Clint Eastwood is my hero.  I watch with interest the many ways people screw up their lives all the while reveling in my straight-laced values.   I guess I’m a ‘no sex before marriage’ kind of girl.  Betsy and her brother, Spoon – the heroin addict – make for an interesting study in life beyond the pale – a kind of a voyeurs paradise for me.

But, in spite of all the excitement I receive from the vicarious thrill of Betsy and Spoon’s lives, our friendship is about to go out the window – all because of The Dragon.”

Clint Eastwood and Dragon? Sounds like a Japanese film . 'Giggles'. A very interesting story and you used all the words. 'I love it'.  Moving on from Clint Eastwood and his Karate kicks for his next movie 'Clint Eastwood And The Dragon'. I will bring it down to earth a little now ;) 

When I first started writing I had a lot of negative people around me, I know I had to lose that energy in order to continue writing and fulfilling what others thought I couldn't do. Did you ever experience any of this when you first started writing or was you lucky enough to have the right support around you?

I’ve always had the most positive energy around me as I tried to find my way as an author.  My father’s Baltimore family owned a printing business, which opened in 1875 (A.V. Harrison Printing).  My ancestral uncle, Michael Jenkins, was editor of The Catholic Review – one of the Copperhead newspapers that Lincoln shut down during the Civil War.  (So much for free speech and Lincoln’s commitment to the Constitution.)

My mother adds to my genetics poets, and writers from the smoky Blue Ridge Mountains.  Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky is where her family lived the good life from the gains of their gin mill.  They were annual participants in the ‘Storytellers’ contests.  

You have a deep history there Emily. It seems you have been influenced in a very positive way... And some from beyond the grave!! 

If you had a chance to run any country and make a difference, what country would it be and why?

“Hmm . . . The question is which country would I want to run, in an attempt to make a difference?  Let’s see.  
First off, I’m a bit of a movie buff.  “No Country For Old Men”?  -- Nope?  Not choosing that country!

In books, let’s see . . . “The Country for the Blind” by H.G. Wells? Naw, that doesn’t sound like a good choice!  

Ah Ha!  “The Country Where No One Ever Dies” – Bingo!  Right up my alley!  It’s described by Ornela Vorpsi in very rosy hues; although it’s national humor tends to be black comedy.  In what ways would I attempt to make a difference in “The Country Where No One Ever Dies” ? Well, first of all, I would encourage visitors!  Data indicates that its visitor’s rank has plummeted to 1,142,800.  The location of “The Country Where No One Ever Dies” is obscure and could use some dusting off.  I’m rolling up my sleeves and heading there!  Wish me luck!”

I hear you, but in a country where know one ever dies, then they would have to be dead and my only fear of death, is not being able to feel them special moments. I don't think Louie would STICK around and would want to HANG around to long! I will stop the crudeness, Louie is to spooked out by it all 'Giggles'  

What would you say the worse thing a reader has ever said to you and what was your reaction?

“Oh Fie!  What a cruel question!  Okay, here goes:  ‘The worst thing a reader ever said to me was this: 

‘I was completely appalled at the continued portrayals of women as unstable and neurotic. Yeah, gee, THANKS on that one. The whole thing [Ghost Stories and The Unexplained] was just a complete mess.’ 

That, Kevin-fans, was posted after the e-book had spent ten months as a Kindle Best Seller in the Mysticism category.  Hell, I made $10,000 off that title (neener, neener ★-star reader !)  All of my books rank an accumulated 4.3 so I don’t THINK I’m a total slouch, but I’m trying to improve. 

What did I do about what my  ★-star reader had to say?  I burst into tears.  Really.  It was a mess!  Sopping wet tears all over my keyboard, my eyes were swollen for days, I ranted to my online community, ‘The unfairness!!’  I can only say one thing:  “Please, Please! Love me, readers!”

That's awesome, not the review upsetting you! People can be just nasty at times. Still if you let them get to you, then they will. I love you so sod em :)

“There would be no reaction.  How do I know?  It’s happened to me and my BFF, and that is how I have reacted.  What the hell is the matter with you, Kevin, for that type of a question? Were you raised in a barn?  Are you TOTALLY perverse?  Oh? Say??  You want to know her name for validation purposes?  Well. . . okay!  Agatha Perry.  She’s a professor of Medieval History.  Lives here in Edmonds, Washington.  She’s from London, actually.  Rail thin, her digestive system has been a mess the whole time I’ve known her!”

Ok.. I admit, I can be a little perverse, but I've had an whole lot of practice at it.  You're a good friend if you chose not to react. I believe its better to have an empty house rather than an angry tenant... Anyway there's nothing the matter with me. Your on my Deliciously Scandalous Blog Tour, I am sorry if you feel the questions are a little stinky, but you did answer it very well. 'Giggles'.

Use only two words that would describe you? 

“Loves social contact.  Oh! Only TWO words?  Book. Pimp.”

I have NO RESPONSE to that, only because I agree, but if you're a pimp, what does that make me? 'Giggles'.

7 Have you ever been…
A, The owner of a lonely heart
B. The owner of a broken heart
C. None of the above?
If the answer is C, please can you tell the reader how you have done it as I can see the reader would being interested to know that one. I know I am.

“ROTFL.  Lonely Hearts?  Broken Hearts??  I’m a writer!  For the love of God!  And that’s the short answer.

Okay, no one knows this TRUE story:  one frosty pre-dawn winter morning, years and years ago, I sat in my car, headlights off, parked in the driveway of a lover who had scorned me.  I seem to remember a loaded Colt 45 Special being in my glove box.  I watched the scene as my lover moved through the house turning off the lights getting ready to leave for his morning work out.  First his bedroom light was turned off, then the dining room light, finally the living room light.  The gun jammed.  Years later I met up with him - he was the surprise guest at my son’s wedding.  The balance between Life and Death tips precariously sometimes.”

You were both very lucky indeed. I am grateful that it did jam. My gun cums fully loaded, getting it to fire is another story! It can be such hard work at times 'Giggles' At least we can laugh about it now, kinda! I think I have the perfect rhyme for you...

I would like you to do the rhyme ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’. Using your own words and without holding back. 

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Emily and a Wraith* walked into a bar,
Emily ordered gin, the Wraith ordered rye**,
But, when the tab came, the Wraith said ‘Bye, Bye’.

 'Giggles' Great now you passed that little test and I do hope you're not going to vanish on me? There's no need to, just stay there and please stop shacking your head like I am some strange guy...

 What is the strangest thing you have ever encountered? Please don't say this interview. 'Giggles'

 “This is a true story, actually:  During one of those 3 am ‘can’t sleep because a plot-line-has-hit my conscience’ writing sessions I was sitting in the bedroom of my 1907 lake cottage, with the door closed.  It was a classic summer morning, indigo skies and twinkling stars.  The house was completely still – and had been for hours, as I was living alone.  Not a sound.  Dead silence. 

Out of my peripheral vision I saw a glitter of light from the glass-prism doorknob of my bedroom.  I put my pen down and watched as the doorknob turned – imperceptibly slowly.  Before it made a full turn, releasing the latch, the doorknob began to rattle in its old brass casing.  Something – emphasis on ‘something’ – was trying to cross the threshold into my room.   

What happened next is contained in my collection of short stories in ‘The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter’, soft cover version.”

If you could be, a Musical instrument, what would you be and why? 

“If I were a musical instrument I would be a flute, which was played during the Baroque period - my favorite classical music era. A flute is slender, light, and has a lilting, melodic, quality.  [My husband, a music professor, wrote this response for me.]”

A flute... I like a woman who knows how to blow a good flute! I know you thought I was going to say something else. I was... The flute does have a beautiful sound if you touch them holes in the right places ;)

If you could change one thing about you as a person, what would that one thing be?

“If I could change one thing about myself – as a person - I would be more flamboyant – take more risks.  Like, I would have liked being a Go-Go dancer in the sixties.  Now THAT would have been fun!   Okay, okay, so females dancing in large birdcages suspended from the ceiling of bars were linked to drugs and prostitution in those days.  That should not have stopped this Catholic Girl from living her dream!  In retrospect I have been way too cautious!  Hmm . .  do you think it’s too late?

On the other hand:  If I could change one thing about myself, say – as a bird – I would want to be a more colorful hummingbird.  More tropically inclined in my bird feather palette.”

Its never to late for anything, I think I might have done things like that in the past, now I just write about them 'Giggles' Well it keeps me out of trouble chatting to you lovely authors. I had a vision then...   

I know we all remember our first kiss, would you say yours was a good experience or a bad one?  Please explain why.

 Ah!  Here’s to YOU, Paul Holmes, wherever you are!  Sixth grade was grand, wasn’t it?  Spin the bottle, going steady, notes passed in class, and hiding your ‘going steady’ ring from your mommy (because “mommy” is still how one referred to their mom, in that cross-over stage).  Being kissed by Paul Holmes during the spin-the-bottle segment of his birthday party was incredibly memorable, even all these years later.  Paul was tall, not quite pudgy, but soft-skinned with lips as plump and soft as the petals of roses blooming in June.  I always imagined Paul and I meeting on a bridge in Paris, looking up at the Eiffel Tower as fireworks light up the sky. 

What did I know, I was thirteen?  There are no bridges in Paris overlooking the Eiffel Tower.  I should have done my homework before I made that date for the future!” 

Sounds great to me, wacky imaginations always do, I wouldn't have you here and I wouldn't be here if they wasn't ;)

 Do you ever remember a part from your life that’s made a huge impact on you as a person. If so would you like to share that part with the reader?

“Yes, I remember a part of my life that made a huge impact on my life.  It was the summer I was having public sex sessions with my boyfriend, an attorney.  The first time we tried it was August in Seattle and the Fremont District was dead on a Thursday evening.  The event took place in the downstairs stairwell of an office building.  That was the moment I realized that lawyers will do anything!  That realization made a huge impact on my life.”

Love it! ! Now that's an impact my friend Louie likes, when he's not hiding away that is! I have my very own experience too, my books explain all. 'Giggles'. 

14 Who inspired you to write or was it always a dream to be an author?

The birth of my grandson inspired me to transform myself from ‘writer’ to ‘author’.  It was the promise “of future generations” (referred to in Professor Levy’s dialogue from ‘Crimes and Misdemeanors’) that opened my eyes to the fact that one day I would be an ‘ancestor’, and my new grandson – and his heirs – would carry the family history into the future. 

I wanted to lay down the foundation of the Jenkins-family saga for him.  He’s only six now.  I wonder how long it will take him to realize that the book I dedicated to him regarding our family history is . . . a novel.

What a lovely gift to give to your generation. He will be so proud of you just like I am :) I wont keep you much longer...

Can you tell the reader about your latest work and also tell the reader where they can find you.

My latest published work is entitled, ‘The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter’.  It is a collection of 24 short ghost stories in six-part sets.  The first two sets, numbering 13 stories is in memoir format; the third set is stories of terror and pathos – beasts that pace, just on the other side of the grave; the fourth set is stories of European folklore written while I traveled the Transylvania region of Europe a year ago. 


Its been pleasure having you on this tour Emily, OK I did have to Google some words. I'm sure you do speak your own language though, I still don't know what a Neener is 'Giggles' It's all good :) I could do with a nice Spirit now after all that spook talk. It gives me the creeps. So any plans for tomorrow Emily? Oh no it looks as though Emily has left the building. She has left her calling card it seems, no doubt she will be in touch soon, until then, enjoy your weekend and until next week that's me out of here. :) 

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