Tuesday, April 9, 2013


'Passion' Synopsis;

Mark is a fun, outgoing, loving, caring guy and the highlight of any party, but his confidence was stripped away from him little by little, by exes over the years.

He hadn't set out to find love, but love found him. After all the heartache he had from his last experiences, you could say that he had found his angel that gave him the strength tht he needed to change his life and to open up to a new world.

He never had so much fun and laughed so hard in all of his life and was proud to call this angel, Sarah, his best friend, lover and partner.

But Mark's life could never be that simple. He faced a continued battle to win the heart of the woman of his dreams, but it wasn't long before he found himself stuck in a love triangle that was far from a simple one.

Mark did find his true love, but with a deception you wouldn't think was possible. Relationships are always tricky, but there's tricky and unreal!

This story is both books, Louie Has Landed 'The Early Days' and 'Louie Has Landed' 'The Second Encounter' rolled into one fantastic story, rewritten, and re-edited, to make this the perfect read for your enjoyment. Deliciously scandalous some would say. With great dialogue and fantastic characters, this is one story that will keep you entertained and up all night...

Now available on Kindle and on paper back soon...

Amazon UK link http://amzn.to/ZoyfoX

Amazon US link   http://t.co/RHgnuSHipJ


  1. just to note, the UK link takes u to the US site

    1. Thank you Charmz, for pointing that out to me :)