Wednesday, July 4, 2012

    A little poem how I would describe this book - Louie Has Landed 'The Early Days'
                                        One romance that you wont forget!                                   
                                    My poem is called -- 'Love! Whats love?'

Love is a sign of happiness around, Love is a joy to welcome with both arms, Love is wonderful when two become one, love is a pleasure when we embrace the warmth, Love is a whisper inside of your ear, Love is a word that some of us may fear, Love is a fine line that crosses with hate, Love can bring out anger and sometimes its to late, Love can hurt and make you cry, Love can destroy your heart when you say goodbye, Love can be a pain that is hidden inside, Love can destroy the faith with the one you left behind, Love is a madness but without it we are sad, Love is a word that can mean so much, Love is great when you find that special someone, to share that special touch  'Louie has Landed'

For anyone who has ever tried to explain the word love, then this story will capture your heart along with your minds. Live and feel the characters as you are reading, there is so much in this story and for anyone who has ever been in love or had great or sour relationship then this is a story you can relate to, its been told from the heart. With no phony nonsense this book has been told exactly how it is.

Join Mark on his journey as he finds love with a woman who is a dream come true for him, but things are not that simple, with so many different characters in this book, it is far from your typical romance novel.

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