Saturday, March 3, 2012

Louie Has Landed (The Second Encounter) Is now here

Those of you who have read the first story would love to know what happened next ? The good news is, you can now find out with  ' Louie Has Landed' (The Second  Encounter) Which is out now!

I would not be me if i wasn't to give you all an introduction to the Second book in this awesome series     

This story is based on a true story about Marks epic Journey through life, facing all obstacles that was in his way and if things couldn’t get any worse for Mark, he would always meet the wrong women, but all he ever wanted was that fairytale ending! But In Marks life things have never been that simple far from it, he had overcome so much hurt in his life from past relationships that he never thought it was possible to love or let alone trust another woman again, he had learnt not to wear his heart on his sleeve. He put up a barrier that he called his ‘council wall’ but everyone knows that a council wall will come down sooner or later!

This book tells the story of two people that are caught in a love triangle,  a triangle that Mark could never imagine being in, With the situation that he was in, he just followed his heart, the love was just too strong for him to pull away, in Marks eyes this is the woman of his dreams and there was no way that he wants to lose her, he had to win Sarah’s heart and to try and get her to see that his love is real and that he would never do anything to hurt her, with Sarah everything was so much different from all the other relationships that he had ever encountered.

                To Mark Sarah is an angel that had been sent down to him to remind him what love is again and to lead him on a new journey though life!

This story is a follow up story from ‘Louie Has Landed; The early days’

Those of you, who have read the first story, will know that Mark is a single guy of thirty something who lives in the Greater Manchester area, and yes he has been married and divorced, and when it comes to women cheating or having an affair, he is very good at catching them out, in fact he is so good that he should be a detective rather than a Decorator!

                Has Mark met his dream or could a dream become a nightmare?

“Well lovely people its Mark here and I am about to tell you more about my epic and joyful journey, or was it? All I can say is so far I am loving every minute of it and I can’t wait for my birthday”…………



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