Thursday, December 29, 2011

I want to give you all a good idea what my novel is about :)


The book I have wrote is based on a true story with all the ins and outs of what happens when people have affairs. Does it work out and do you get your man or your woman at the end of it all? Some people go into affairs without knowing and others go in knowing that the other person is married. Some people make up stories because they seek the attention and some just do it for the fun of not getting caught.
Some do it because it’s just sex and others do it because they are confused. Sometimes two people just fall for each other and don’t know how to pull away because of the chemistry and the passion and the love that’s involved.
This story tells the secrets of things that happen behind closed doors.
Whatever the reason for affairs, it does happen every day with people that you wouldn’t think twice are doing it. With society the way it is today, it seems to be a case of ‘if you get bored then you have an affair!’
I am a single guy of 30 something and yes, I have been married and divorced! When it comes to women I’m good at catching them out when an affair is happening. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been an angel myself but when I am in a relationship I’m faithful and truthful but not everyone has the same view as me!
My experience in life has been an eye opener! I have met some lovely women and some crazy women but out of all the women there is one woman that is a dream come true for me….
You may see things in life that seem to be real or you imagine they are but are they? Can you be sure there real?  Or is the mind playing tricks on you leaving you wondering? When that happens then out comes the insecurities that lie deep behind the surface. Love is truly the greatest thing. No really it is but it does cross the same lay line as hate. Some times this can be balanced out but if you can’t find the balance well we live and learn. A great thing, we as human being can do. I hope you learn something from reading this book.
This story will shock you, make you laugh and maybe make you cry. There’s passion and romance, hate, betrayal, comedy, fantasy and much more……

Louie has landed; The Early Days is now out for you all to enjoy.

Kevin :0)


  1. Hi Kevin,

    I can not wait until this book is out! Sounds like the kind of read I like on a lazy Sunday, rainy afternoon! Maybe you can do an interview/guest blog on my blog when it comes out? I want to help you promote it!

  2. Hi Lahongrais

    Thank you for your comment. I do hope you enjoy reading the book once it is out. It is a big book, so i don't think you will read it on Sunday afternoon, you will have to spread your Sundays out unless you are a really fast reader :)It will be a pleasure and honour to do an interview for your blog. Just let me know what i need to do and i will do it :) Thanks again

  3. Sounds like it'll be a good one. Something we can all relate to, for sure.