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Never let anyone take away your #dreams,

OK, some of you may know this already, my life has never been easy, and is still by far to this day, but I've learnt so much in these years of writing and studying the path which I choose to take, some haters out there don't like me expressing my feelings and personal life out for other readers to learn and enjoy my work, and hopefully learn a lot along on the way... 

My advice for anyone with a dream or a vision of what you want in your life is to never let anyone hold you back, I've had that with so called friends and family on this journey, they couldn't be happy for me or let alone show any support towards anything I was doing! If you have something you want to do and your heart says it's right, don't let no one tell you otherwise... Really I've been in some dark places, but I'm still here to tell them stories, to learn from them dark places.... Unfortunately no matter how hard you try in life, you are always going to get the jealous green eyed monsters, that comes with anyone that try's their best.

Since writing, it's my friends and readers that show me the love and support that I needed on this roller coaster ride, and of course my lovely partner and my Nan 'God bless her soul

My family have never shown any encouragement whatsoever, but saying that I wouldn't expect anything less after all it was my grandparents that shown me what real love and respect and what guidance was about, trust me when I say I needed that too! I have so much to be thankful for, and that's down to them both... 'I will always miss them.'

The fact of the matter is I am writing stories about me, stories from my childhood, the dark years years and so on, but some people don't like the truth from them years, but yet they also refuse to hear the truth! 'Writing is my release,'

I was never a reader or writer, so for me to be sat here now talking to you is huge achievement on its own, that's without all the other stuff I've done, but none of that matters to a family that have never shown any love. These people actually gave me my stories along with my mistakes in life that lead me to be the person I am today. I know it's a strange world right? 

Fear is something we all have, facing them fears and being pushed forward to fulfill your dreams is what life should be about, but you can't do that without tackling your fear, I found that life by self improvement and hard work that was also down to all the wonderful support I had out there from the above!

It's a tough Journey and you have to have the right support around you, it's you that's doing things for you for once, you can't surround yourself with negative people, it's hard I know, I even have a few members of my family that have made my life hell still after all these years, but do they care? No, not at all and they exspect me to stop all my hard work for their own selfishness, they want me to stop writing despite all the respect I have out there from the social media world from my readers! That's fine and everyone has a right to their opinion, but before you have an opinion, really you need to read my work and understand what I am about instead of getting jealous over the amount of attention my writing does attract, I assure you that did not come from sitting on my backside critizing others, it came from hard work and dedication to improve myself where the readers get to read my work and for them alone to judge the person I am, after all they are the readers and not just a critic with green eyes!

Now that my Nan has sadly passed away, I won't be holding back with my words, the truth is coming out from them childhood years that were the worse years of my life, not to mention all the other years that I'm just meant to forget about because it suits other people, but yet these same people talk about my stupid mistakes, so really how does that work? 'I know one sided!' 

I was even made to sit on the second row of my own Nan's funeral! My Nan shown me so much love and was also a best friend to me, we would sit for hours talking and laughing about silly things, I was my Nan's light in her life as well as my Nan being mine! Everyone knew the bond me and my Nan had, to me and my Nan was a very special one, it never stopped there, before the funeral I was stripped from the right of paying my last respects to my Nan... How hurtful is that that! But yet, I have to watch what I write because I might upset people... 

'I'm sorry, but I hate to say this to the haters out there, but my writing will continue, I will continue to improve, getting stronger by the day with my words are flowing at night! 

I'm turning all them negatives and that bad Karma into positives in my life, if I offend a few people a long way who have never shown me no emotion whatsoever other than bitterness, I;m sorry, but that can't be helped and isn't intentional! I am writing my stories about my life, if you have a story to tell, then I would be interested to read yours to if given the chance! I will no longer be put down by lies by a family that have never cared one bit about me or let alone my writing journey to try and change my life...
But yet they can judge, a bit rich don't you think? Me too...

I am writing about MY life! Yes, my life! Everyone has a story to tell, but before you judge anyone's story, try reading it first and understanding a person other than stupid games to make the other person look and feel bad for speaking the truth!   'It's not happening with me anymore, and enough is enough!'

When I am reading my story back that I'm writing, I never knew how the ending would turn out, I know in my head and heart how the ending will turn out now! Any writer knows, you have to have a beginning and a middle, but you have to have a good ending, that's what makes a story right?

Reading my story back really its shocking, but yet the more I read it, the more I see how over the years how I've been treated, punished away for someone else's guilt, pushed aside from a family due to this one person who is in this story big time I assure you... 'Wicked witch of the South' not to mention all the other horrible times I have encountered!  

When my Nan passed away I was made to feel I had no one anymore other than my partner, I was made to feel worthless, pushed out of everything! I seen to much before and after Nan's death, but unfortunately I write about the truth! Yes, I have made foolish mistakes in the pass, done things I shouldn't have done, but that makes me human, if I had murdered someone or hurt someone then I could understand... We mess up from time to time, and with the life I had, I am lucky I turned out the way I have, but that was me learning from my mistakes, me learning how to raise myself...

My writing is my healing time for them years that I haven't yet been put to rest, the times that got brushed under the carpet and nothing was said! Being kicked out of home at 13 and all the other horrible times that need to be written about. 'So that's what I am doing, writing!'

I'm hoping that people can all reflect on their own behavior over the years, and to also respect another person's feelings, but after being made to feel like a no body, having to sit on the second row at my own Nan's funeral, being pushed aside yet again by a family who couldn't take the time out when Nan was alive to even visit Nan! 'Not all my family, but some'. Really, this has all been eating me away since that day my Nan was laid to rest, God bless her.

Everything I say is expressed in my writing, I'm not having people keep beating me up over this person who my Nan couldn't even stand, who got me kicked out of home to begin with to make way for her children!  How quickly people do seem to forget is unreal, unfortunately, I don't... The reason I write! 

My Nan said to write how I feel and to tell my stories from the heart, not to worry about the family's views and lack of understanding and support on their part.

Well, I have done that with all my writing and it will continue to till the day I can't write no more! 

First my poetry book, then back to the Non Fiction stories, not to mention what else is in my pipeline on this awesome journey that I am on, despite the haters...

This was the last Novel I have written and that was again to prove a point, that I can and I will do this, if I can have this attitude towards my life when it's at rock bottom, and I can still maintain that vision, then you can too. 

If you have a dream, then go for it, you will never know what's going to happen, but if you don't try, then nothing will ever happen and you continue to live with a life of, 'What if!'

My advice >> Don't live the, 'What if' life, just do your best to do it, and ignore any negative views!'

Following your heart is the only way forward....

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'Another new path'  You can check out my raps and tunes on SoundCloud > Another talent that has been born that people tried to hold me back on, I just wish I found these talents earlier in life, I wish I had the right guidance back then, but I only had that for a few years of living with my grandparents. I'm here now to tell them stories and to push my talents forward.... I hope you enjoy my music as well as my stories... Thank you all so much for the support.

Listen to Season change. By KevinSwarbrick #np on #SoundCloud

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These are just some of my tracks you can find on SoundCloud, there's also some free downloads there for you to enjoy :-) 

Also keep an eye out for my poems that I've written from my heart, this book will be available on Kindle and Paperback very soon.

            Here is just one of my little poems out of this book that I thought is appropriate for this post.

Critics sometimes make me laugh, criticizing our life's when it's their theories that are so sad, bringing us down to suit their level, with no idea what your life is about, giving you reason when they’re filled with doubt.

Well, that's just fine, I leave all toxic waste behind, but just remember a true critic will always see the true talent in you and me, the rest is history…

Just remember in life there will always be someone somewhere that doesn't agree in what you do... These people are not you, follow your heart and make your dreams slowly come true...

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