Sunday, January 3, 2016

Positive energy for the new year, wishing you all an amazing 2016.

I hope that everyone has had a great Christmas, its now time for a new year filled with positive energy. I must admit I have needed that energy too. I've been very busy working on many different things at this end to keep the positive energy alive inside us all.

Since being away from my blog post, I've been creating my own music. I have now completed 25 tracks on my own that you can listen to on Soundcloud for now...

After the horrific Paris attracts, me and my partner, who happens to be a top vocalist, decided to team up together, me with my rapping, Jennie with the singing. We wanted our own unique dance tunes leaving the listener hopefully with a positive message. 

We have now completed 28 tracks together with plenty more on there way, as fate brought us together, fate lead me to my writing, fate also lead me into song writing. Yes, we are now called, fate :)

Some of our songs are out of my poetry book that I have dedicated to my grandparents, and of course I haven't forgot to mention my friends that have been there for me on this roller coaster journey. We have turned these poems into positive dance tunes, rap songs. I've created all the music and mixes for these tracks with the help of the best partner in the world. 

These are my memories of the best grandparents in the world. Something that I will always treasure. 

I've turned them memories into something creative and positive for the world to enjoy and share their love as they did with me. 

My poems cover a wide range of topics, including cancer, terrorist, love, passion, money, loneliness, and a lot more. 

Anyone with a heart and compassion out there, then this book is for you. If you want vulgar, sorry you have the wrong book and the wrong music to go with it :) 'Just Saying!' 

The positive Kev is back ;) I know my Nan and Gramps would be so proud of what we're achieving.  

This is my book that is available on Amazon and soon to be on other sites around the world.
As you tell, my grandparents were a huge inspiration to me, its heart breaking that they are no longer with us. In my heart they will always remain.

You can find most of our tracks on FaceBook and Soundcloud. 

We are in process of creating a great CD for the world to enjoy our positives energy.
In this world that we live in, we all need that energy right? Our thoughts too.

You can find, Cool Blue Poetry right here on Amazon, other links will follow.

Revelation was our second track we did, followed by, stay strong. We loved working together that much that we wanted to do more positives tracks, and that's where our idea came to create the positive messages in my book and transform them words into music.
I am over the moon to say we have achieving that.
Take a listen, it would be interesting to hear your opinions.          

Our first track together after the horrific Paris attacks.
Listen on Soundcloud.  


  After the first three tracks, it was time to come out with a tune to bring our name out, and what we are about... That's when Fate landed..

Then it was time to create more positives dance tunes, that's fate once again lead us in the direction of Cool Blue Poetry.
This sound track called Terrorist is out of my, Cool Blue Poetry.

Snapped heart is just another sound track out of my, Cool Blue Poetry.

As you can see, life is about moving forward, but as you all know, memories always stay, its a question what you will do with the memories. We both hope you enjoy our music and words.
here's wishing all the good hearts out there, nothing but the best for 2016.

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