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The lovely author, Carlyle Labuschagne is my eleventh guest @KevinSwarbrick 'Deliciously Scandalous Blog Tour'. Another awesome interview!

Hi everyone and thank you yet again for joining me on my 'Deliciously Scandalous Blog Tour'.
I have been running a little behind today and I see Carlyle has arrived on time as usual. There is a not on my virtual desk... Right Carlyle has just nipped out to the virtual the pub on the corner to have a couple of spirits to steady her nerves! Here is little Bio about my next guest. I can't see Carlyle being too long......

Carlyle Labuschagne is a South African Debut Author working her way into the hearts of international readers with her First Young Adult Dystopian Novel “The Broken Destiny. She is not only an author but works as a Sales Rep and Marketing Manager by day. She holds a diploma in creative writing through the writing school at Collage SA. Loves to swim, fights for the trees, food lover who is driven by her passion for life. Carlyle writes for IU e-magazine India, an inspirational non-profit magazine that aims at inspiring the world through words. The drive behind her author career is healing through words. Carlyle is also the founder of the first annual book drive – Help build a library in Africa project. 

Hey Carlyle, I was just looking around for you, I never thought you would be sitting outside on the
steps, but it's cool with me if we do the interview here. It really is great to have you on here and full of life and full of smiles too.  I hope the bar manager hasn't said too much about me! I take it he has, with the way you just crossed your legs! Can I help it if Louie was born for others to enjoy, 'Giggles'. I am glad you find it funny, we have a whole interview to get though yet, you really shouldn't listen to others when they say you need a drink first before coming on my tour, there is no fear only fun, 'Giggles'. I was just reading your bio out to everyone and I must say that's a very impressive bio indeed. I would class you as a true inspiration and your cause is an excellent one. I do wish you the very best in building this library.

“My goal as an Author is to touch people’s lives and help others love their differences and one another.”

Awesome goals you have there, but I hadn't finished what I was saying about the library and what a fantastic idea it all is :) 

A firm believer in - YA saves!

I am a firm believer in YA saves. I used to say that to my partner. Your arse saves the day when you bring it my way! I am only playing... Damn I best not say that, 'Giggles'.

Sometimes in life we all want more than what we can have, but if you had one wish to have anything or anyone, what would that wish be and why?

Id wish to have my own publishing company in South Africa. The publishing industry is very conservative and limited in South Africa, in all my years of search there are few resources for self-publish authors. The book industry needs a boost. I’d like to open a small press (to begin with) hiring students and interns that not only are going in this very direction, but might not even be aware of all the opportunities such an industry can offer. With this start various programs for children and adults who are illiterate in rural areas. Give workshops, host competitions – give our youth in South Africa the opportunity, perhaps even build their dreams as authors, writers, publishers, agents, publicists etc. This industry has so much to offer witch I feel our country has only just touched upon.

It really does sound like a fantastic idea indeed, I do wish you the very best of luck on your venture and any support I can offer, then I am in :) I mean with links and shout outs. Just ask :)

I would like you to make a short story up using no more than 400 words containing every one of these 14 key words; Box, Game, Shower, Dad, Figure, Window, Government, Dog poo, Sex, Lamp, Spoon, Hole, Flames, Sheep!

The dog and sheep were at again last night. This kept dad a light sleeper as the Government had warned him about the noises that apparently scared our neighbours. So it was impossible to sneak Danny in through the passage window for our midnight sex game. So I had no other choice than sneak him through the shower window. But to our surprise dad had installed the sensors and the shower automatically went on the second we came too close to it.  As dad came hauling down the stairs we made a run for the lounge, but knocked over a damn lamp. We kept ourselves hidden behind a large box. If it were not for the flames that erupted I would have seen the dog poo Danny had trailed in. While dad ran for water, I ran for a spoon to dig up the freshly trudged poo. Mom came screaming from the study. Danny dug a hole in a pot plant for me to throw away the evidence smeared all over mom’s new white carpets. Light came on, a pale of water came down, and I still held the poo- filled- spoon – Busted!

LMAO!  Midnight sex game to spooning the poo up and hiding it in a plant pot... Love it! I know we have all had crap in our life to deal with at some point, but that's a classic. You did leave one word out, and that was figure, maybe you have heard too much about Louie, and you didn't want to get him started by going on about figures! I can tell by the way you just looked at me that it's true! Damn, what has that bar manager been saying at all? It really does get me thinking....

When I first started writing I had a lot of negative people around me, I know I  had to lose that energy in order to continue writing and fulfilling what others thought I couldn't do. Did you ever experience any of this when you first started writing or were you lucky enough to have the right support around you?

I've been very blessed in that my support system has been just as enthusiastic about my career as I have. But if anything the negative energy should be a motivation for you to keep at it. Best of luck Kevin – you made it and will keep at it!

That is awesome :) It is always good to hear about other authors and the support they have had. I know I had good friends around me at the time encouraging me not to give up and to follow this writing through. The support around me now is phenomenal. There are so many good hearts out there, which do want to see you succeed. What was a few supporters suddenly became thousands of supporters and some are very close friends. As for negative energy, you must let it motivate you. God knows I have learnt to stick by that rule. Don't get me wrong, it may motivate me, but positivity is always the best key to life :)

If you had a chance to run any country and make a difference, what country would it be and why?

Wow that could be messy indeed. IF I really had to choose to be a leader of a country it would be South Africa. Our Country has so much to give, and like most places it has its weaknesses, but I believe there are a few issues that seriously need to be considered, and by the looks of things have been over looked for far too loon.

What would you say the worst thing a reader has ever said to you and what was your reaction?

That they didn't get past the first page. LOL. I’d like to believe that everybody loves my book, but that’s just silly. I just replied with a thank you for your honesty, because truly it makes me that much stronger, and hard working. Good critique is amazing, but the bad really teaches me things. How otherwise would I know of my faults if no one tells me?  

You look picture perfect to me! Oh sorry... I was getting side tracked then, we were on about the writing weren't we? Nice comeback to a not so nice comment, and all I can say is how the hell can anyone know what the story is going to be like from reading the first page!                                                    

I would like you to vision yourself walking down a busy high street with your partner and suddenly there was a noise that came from his bottom and people turned around looking at you, what would your reaction be and why?


Shit where? You almost had me going then if it weren't for your cheeky grin I would have believed you, 'Giggles'...

Use only two words that would describe you?

Highly motivated.

I will drink to that later on and have words with the bar manager at the same time. No, I won't be rude, I will just ask for two drinks and sit in the corner hoping I might have some company, 'Hint, hint'...

Have you ever been…

A, The owner of a lonely heart.
B. The owner of a broken heart
C. None of the above?

If the answer is C, please can you tell the reader how you have done it, I can see the reader would be interested to know that one, I know I am.

D all of the above.

It's a sad life at times and those broken hearts always hurt, but boy I bet those heart breakers are kicking themselves now! 

It's time for a little fun, I would like you to do the rhyme ‘Humpty Dumpty’. Using your own words and without holding back.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty almost had a great fall.
But along came a spider and sat down beside her
Making her a new friend for the day.
But soon after the brat wanted a pony.
So the spider felt very crushed and lonely
And pushed Humpty Dumpty down all the way.

Lol that was a great attempt, but you needed to use your own words like this. 

Kevin Swarbrick looked at the clock,
Kevin Swarbrick had a big... 'Ok I hear you, point taken! 'Giggles'. 

When you are writing, do you ever think, 'Erm my partner and I did that last night, that has to go into the story as?

If I tell you Id have to kill you!

You can do anything you want to me.... Did you say kill or frill, never mind I am not taking any chances on you killing me if that's what you said. I can now see you spooning bits of Kevin up of the carpet! Mmmmm now this is a lovely thought, 'Giggles'.

If you could be a musical instrument, what would you be and why?

Violin. Why not?

If you want to play with my strings, I will let you! No I wasn't being crude. There is a violin in that virtual cupboard just next to my set of keys to my Bentley and mention. I would love to hear you play some day :)

If you could change one thing about you as a person, what would that one thing be?

I can see you are thinking too much on this question, but the truth be known, I wouldn't change anything about you too. 
You are one remarkable talented lady with a heart of gold towards others. What is there to change? My point yet again :) 

I know we all remember our first kiss, would you say yours was a good experience or a bad one?  Please explain why.

Oh no! I was the only girl at the party who had never kissed a boy before, so rumour got out, a bottle came out, and too many kisses later I apparently ended up with a boyfriend I never wanted, but was too shy to break his heart. We ended up dating for a while. Eventually I couldn't run anymore and  had to tell him I was flattered but didn't really dig the kiss or him so much. I still feel horrible thinking about it.

Awww poor guy! He could be sitting at home with a lonely heart and it's all your fault, 'Giggles'. I know you wouldn't go around hurting people if there weren't a good reason to and the guy couldn't kiss! What's that all about? Never mind don't answer that. Poor guy lol...

Do you ever remember a part in your life that’s made a huge impact on you as a person. If so would you like to share that part with the reader?

All of my life has shaped and changed me. Everything I was, am , and will be gives me fuel for my writing career.

Nice answer. I share the same views, it's our past that has lead us here, so I will definitely drink to that later too. Well it is the weekend and I am allowed to let my hair down now and again. You have me thinking yet again...

Who inspired you to write or was it always a dream to be an author?

I've always written but it was only after reading Twilight (Big up to Steph) That I thought hey there is a huge story hiding inside here, the time is right to unleash it!

I am so happy that you did and I am very proud of you and your achievements.  I must say I had that same feeling and it had to be unleashed! My story I am on about! 'Giggles'. It's been great fun having you here on my tour. I am all out of questions to ask you now, but there is one more thing..

Can you tell the reader about your latest work and also tell the reader where they can find you,

I am currently busy with book two in the Broken Trilogy. Releasing November the 1st. Entitled Evanescent a Broken Novel.
Cover reveal takes place 31st of July.

The First book The Broken Destiny is available online bookstores, Barnes & Noble and if you are in South Africa – Exclusive books Clearwater mall Johannesburg or through any Exclusive books online store.

It does sound like a fantastic read. I know I have no more questions to ask you, but can you give us a blurb about, The Broken Destiny

Ava knows much more, and feels much more than she is allowed to. When she starts questioning her origins and the destruction of Earth, things go horribly wrong for her. She is saved by a Minoan boy from an attempted kidnapping on her life – the perpetrators are evil Zulus and their dark ancient magic. Humans and Minoans are forbidden to interact with each other, and as she is taken back to their village she finds out why – they know of her, her kind and her destiny to save a dying race. Ava must rid them from the Council’s ruling and free the galaxy of The Shadow. Her destiny is to rise above the fall, because within her soul is the key to an archaic weapon that has been missing in the mix of a genetic code since the time of the ancients. As the prophecy unfolds she learns of her bloodline – a bloodline that makes her less human than she could ever have imagined. She alone has the power to destroy or save, but the mind-shift is a horrible thing. Ava will become what she hates to save the ones she loves. Beaten, poisoned, possessed and betrayed by her own emotions, she has no choice but to rise above it all… for that is her Destiny. 

The Broken Destiny was voted #3 on the goodreads Debut list for 2012 :


  1. Carlyle, what a hilarious, charming interview - from YOUR troubles over midnight sex, to your pappa's troubles with the government.

    Too shy to break off that not-hitting-the grade young love? Pfft, things will become a LOT more dicey than that, My Dear!

    And what a scorchingly cruel review! First page only? The bitch, The insensitive cad! --- whichEVER! LOL

    Isn't Kevin simply THE MOST wonderful interview host? Bravo! Brava!
    ���� •*¨* ♥ ☆╰☆╮

    1. You are awesome Emily, thank you for your kind words yet again :-D I'm so glad you're enjoying these interviews :) Carlyle did great and midnight sex is always great, it's just the sh.t at the end that I wouldn't be in to. Don't get me wrong I love spooning, just not that kind LMAO! I agree about the first page comment. What a b....!! Not to worry, it's all good and Carlyle is still here, stronger and more determined than ever :-DXx