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The lovely author, Katie Jennings is with me on my... @KevinSwarbrick 'Deliciously Scandalous Blog Tour'

Thank you everyone for joining me and the lovely guest,'Katie Jennings. I know I tend to go on about supporting in my blogs a lot, and I do also thank the authors and friends who have been there for me and who continue to show their support along with their friendship that is truly valued. Katie is another awesome lady I would like to thank, if it wasn't for Katie and the advice she had given me, then I wouldn't be designing awesome book covers. I won't go on too much, I'm just buying time here. Katie said she might be a little late and has left a little introduction.... 

International bestselling author Katie Jennings is the author of six full length novels, including the popular fantasy series The Dryad Quartet as well as the bestselling family drama series The Vasser Legacy. She lives in sunny Southern California with her husband and cat, who both think she’s the biggest nerd ever. She’s a firm believer in happy endings and loves nothing more than a great romance novel.

I knew I would find you outside in the sun. A lovely day and I see you have brought your lovely smile with you. With it being so nice we might as well do the interview here. I won't keep you too long I can see you're busy, please Jenny just stop on the swing, you're making me want a go and we all know...

Sometimes in life we all want more than what we can have, but if you had one wish to have anything or anyone, what would that wish be and why?

My wish would be to own hundreds of acres of land in the country somewhere with a beautiful, villa-like estate on it. That would be a haven for my writing, and it would be such a relief to escape the pressures and chaos of Los Angeles. As you can tell, I’m no city girl at heart!

Now that does sound like heaven, I love the country even though I'm no country boy lol. It sounds perfect to me :)

I would like you to make a short story up using no more than 400 words containing every one of these 14 key words; Bum, Game, Nail, Folk, Rope, Window, Government, Dog poo, Sex, Lamp, Gap, Knife, Moon, DM!

So I went to the Gap after midnight, under the full moon to play a game with DM (by the way, I have NO idea what DM means lol). The government was after me, and they spied in the window searching with a knife and a lamp. I think they wanted to kill me! I threw dog poo at the government folk in retaliation, hitting one in the bum. He was so startled, he stepped on a nail and by a true miracle, somehow wound up tied with rope. I got away and saved the day and that was all she wrote! :)

Ok now that was just too easy for you, great story, but I didn't see the word sex. Can I finish it for you, Giggles'...  I got a away and saved the the day and that was all she wrote, well until her phone made a huge beeping sound, and there was a DM 'direct message' from her husband wanting hot sex that evening, he said it all in such a nice way, when he returned home, they both made love that was 'deep and meaningful' and both went to sleep smiling ;) You can take DM any way you like including bending over! Sorry I had to...

When I first started writing I had a lot of negative people around me, I knew I  had to lose that energy in order to continue writing and fulfilling what others thought I couldn't do. Did you ever experience any of this when you first started writing or were you lucky enough to have the right support around you?

I felt very insecure about my writing for a very long time. It was nerve wracking to figure out how to tell my husband, my friends, my  family, that, hey, I wrote a book! Then it was a challenge to not be even more embarrassed when they asked me questions about itwhich is silly, I should have loved to talk about it, but I STILL feel a little ridiculous when I try and explain my stories to people. What’s sad is that I used to be in sales, I should be good at this kind of stuff! But for some reason, maybe because my books are of my own creation, I always fear someone thinking my ideas aren't interesting enough. Thankfully, this has gotten a lot easier in the year that I've been a published author!

I can relate to what you're saying on all of that. I would have never of thought that about you, to me you seem a very confidante person, but saying that people think that about me, but in each one of us there is a weakness or a few, I know I have faced mine head on and we have both proven to ourselves that it is possible, but unfortunately family support is something I'm not use to and most definitely not when it comes to my writing. I think they would rather me be out getting drunk than do anything positive! Don't worry if I listen to people that don't share the same values and views and haven't read my work, then I might as well give it all up now and that won't be happening...Ever ;)! 

Our books are our own, and you're right they are our own creation, our babies so to speak, I'm 37 now so I do need to start knocking more out before its too late! No not babies... Books silly lol!  

If you had a chance to run any country and make a difference, what county would it be and why?

I don’t think you’d like it if I got political on you. You wouldn’t be able to shut me up ;) Can I just sayWho is John Galt?

He was a Scottish novelist, entrepreneur and political and social commentator. Do I have to read more from my Iphone about him... Wow you could be right I won't get you started, 'Giggles'

What would you say was the worse thing a reader has ever said to you and what was your reaction?

One reviewer said that my book was sexist! I was very confused and at the same time I laughed for like five minutes. The book is a YA fantasy romance about a girl who can control the element Air. I was very perplexed at how THAT is sexist! Oh, well. Can’t please them all!

Sometimes people read what they want to read and by the sounds of it the reviewer needed to put the paper down and read the right book! I had one saying she couldn't relate to my characters, but yet that's what everyone is complimenting me on, I laughed too and thought, well you do look like a complete fool that hasn't even read the first page. Sorry I just say it as it is. I might get sued tomorrow after this goes live. Oh well you can't get blood from a stone and all that.  

Use only two words that would describe you?

Optimistically hopeful.

Now those are a great choice of words and yes I do agree :)

 Have you ever been…

A, The owner of a lonely heart
B. The owner of a broken heart
C. None of the above?
If the answer is C, please can you tell the reader how you have done it, I can see the reader would be interested knowing that one, I know I am.

Broken and lonely, both. Love that song, by the way!

Another broken heart :( I bet he's looking back now thinking, 'I wish I had stayed with her'. It must cheese him off seeing such a wonderful smile attached to a wonderful lady author. I bet he's at home now reading your books and looking online with the tissues by his side! Speaking of tissues... 

When you are writing, do you ever think, 'Erm me and my partner did that last night, that has to go into the story as?

Hmmmwell, I try to not write sex scenes in my books because both my mom and mother-in-law like to read my work. Plus it would be even more awkward if I knew a scene was inspired by a night with my husband and his mom was going to read it!! So…….. no :p

I wish I had thought like that before I gave my work to my Nan who was 87 at the time; she saw the talent for my writing, but wasn't impressed with what her grandson was getting up to in his free time! I wanted the reader to feel the fun times and the love, the pain, the madness and the sex, I kept it all as real as it all was... Oh my indeed lol!!  Still she is very supportive in what I do and believes in me. My second mum I call her. Don't ask where the first one is... Still life goes on. Stop looking at me with sad eyes, I want the reader smiling and not joining the exs with the tissues out... 'Giggles'.

If you could be a musical instrument, what would you be and why?

I wish I had something clever for this one, but I don’t know many musical instruments *hangs head in shame* - maybe I could just be a sitar, since, you know, that was in Moulin Rouge and all, and I really like that movie.

Lol you can be anything you want to be, we both know that :)

If you could change one thing about youself as a person, what would that one thing be?

I would get rid of my tendency to make excuses not to do something and instead learn to take life by the horns. It’s hard to be afraid of so many thingsfailure, embarrassment, exposure. I wish I could learn to be fearless.

Awww have no fear as Kevin is here! You did this blog post on time ages ago, it's me who's looking bad for not having it up and running, I have just been doing one post every week, that's more than enough with the load I'm carrying at this end! No not Louie... I have been doing them in the order they come in! I think I really do need to move on to the next question before I slide into a bigger hole...

I know we all remember our first kiss, would you say yours was a good experience or a bad one?  Please explain why...

Good, I guess. I was thirteen, with a guy who was way too cute for me. We were standing in line to get on the Batman roller coaster ride at Six Flags. I don’t think I enjoyed the kiss much because I was so nervous about the roller coaster.

And you still remember to this day! It's true what they say, if a person does come into our lives, they will always leave a memory of some kind. Maybe it was the ride you remember best... The roller coast one I mean!! There shouldn't be any sort of riding like that at 13...

Do you ever remember a part in your life that’s made a huge impact on you as a person. If so would you like to share that part with the reader?

When I was nineteen, we lost our family home and everything we had to a bush fire. After that day, I was really forced to grow up and take charge of my own life. I moved to a different city, transferred jobs, started at a different school, made new friends. I didn't lose touch with my old life, but I really looked at that moment as a chance for a fresh start. I used it as a trigger to jumpstart my life and who I was going to be. After that experience, I can say with confidence that I am stronger for it, just a little more hardened, and at the same time more compassionate. I don’t think I really knew how to cry until then.

That does sound awful and a nightmare in any ones eyes. I am glad it did make you the person you are today. Some good did come from it. Like anything in life, what doesn't kill us does make us stronger. Story of my life too :0/  

Who inspired you to write or was it always a dream to be an author?

The first author I truly fell in love with was Nora Roberts, and she was my inspiration to write. I rave about her books all the time and have mountains of them at home, and my goal is to create characters and worlds just as wonderful as hers.

She sounds like an inspiration to me :) ... Katie can you stop swinging please there is only one more question I would like to ask and you are getting a little high on that swing now...

Can you tell the reader about your latest work and also tell the reader where they can find you.

I recently published the sequel to my family drama When Empires Fall, entitled Rise of the Notorious. The series is about the fall and resurrection of a great American hotel family, following the lives of the youngest, modern day heirs as they struggle with murder, scandal, passion, and tantalizing drama. Basically, it’s like Dallas without the ranch.



  1. Thanks for interviewing me, Kevin! That was fun :) And yes, I am safe after the swing incident ;) Turns out hubby was over there waiting to catch me!

  2. It was a pleasure Katie, I'm glad you enjoyed the interview, I am also glad you landed in safe hands, I knew you would! 'Giggles':)