Friday, November 2, 2012

Download and have a good laugh at these funny, sexy stories. 'Turkey Slap' is yours to download for free!

TurkeySlap WINNERS!

1st place- Ben Ditmars   

2nd- Kate Davidson

3rd- Ava Loengard

4th- Helle Gade

5th-Kevin Swarbrick

Congratulations to the winners :)

The Four Whips, otherwise known as Melissa Craig, Dionne Lister, Amber Norgarrd, and Charity Parkerson present Turkey Slap 2012. 
Turkey Slap: The act of playfully slapping someone with an erect or semi-erect penis. Entries were collected for erotic short stories containing a Turkey Slap and the best of those stories were added to this free book for our reader’s pleasure. Please enjoy and then check out each author’s additional 

Kate Davidson- Look for this awesome author soon
Ava Loengard- Look for this awesome author soon
Amber Jerome-Norgarrd-
     Bobbi Jo- Anonymous Southern chick
Dionne Lister-

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